Heritage Events

Parkwood is graced with students and families from many cultures and countries. As part of our Heritage celebrations, we present a series of classes which allow students to learn about the cultures and heritages of some of their classmates.

Heritage Classes:

This is a great oppurtunity to learn about the traditions, cultures, and countries of Parkwood students.

  • These classes are presented by Parkwood parents, the International Committee and the PTA.
  • Each year, we coordinate 4 classes with a different topic – they are typically held the 4 Wednesdays in March.
  • Classes are held in the parent center and no registration is necessary. Drop-ins welcome.

Heritage Night:

We end the Heritage series with a potluck celebration in the Parkwood gym. Families are encouraged to bring a dish of their choice and participate in our many celebrations.

If you are interested in participating in these wonderful events, please contact:


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