December board meeting minutes

Minutes – PTA Meeting – 12/14/17
7:01pm: meeting called to order.
President Debbie Olhoeft introduced Rebecca Miner, School Superintendent and Curtis Campbell, Communications Officer
Rebecca Miner – Presentation on upcoming levy. Vote to take place in special election on February 13th, 2018.
7:27pm: vote to approve minutes from November
Motion to approve:
Minutes approved
7:28pm: Michelle Morgan and Mara Calhoun
School Closure Event
Date they are looking at is June 15th
Currently touring the school to see if there are places/things to create an art installation
Looking for funding for the Art Installation
Staff involved: Amanda Findley, Debbie Black, Rob Parker named Collector of Antiquities and Curiosities
Janice Scott will also sit on the committee as Alumni liason
Possible money to use for food for the event: School Funds, PTA
Next meeting 1/19 – Friday at 3:00pm
Mia Fischelis questioned if there was a budget
Derek Dalasta noted that the Totem Pole is being discussed with the family that made it.
7:36pm: Introductions
7:38pm: Budget Review
Mia F – stated that Christina Torres, current Treasurer, has made a list of scholarships available for memberships.
Fall Enrichment Scholarships total reported as $1251.00
Currently Bank fees are not separated from line items. Can this be addressed?
Unexpected profit from Dance will help cover the shortfall from the estimated Auction profit
Kari Thomas – Can we vote to go over budget? Mia recommends putting together a budget then comparing that with where we are at now.
David Drummond – commented on the luncheons stating that the staff are very appreciative – money well spent.
7:47pm: Food Drive Report
Katie Toth reports that 1129 packages of pasta were collected as well as many other types of food and $60.00 worth of teen giftcards.
Parkwood will have ice cream for all kiddos
The Works has two work party dates that need volunteers – January 31st and May 9. If interested please contact Katie Toth for more information. Adults only.
7:49pm: Enrichment
Our after-school Enrichment classes will no longer be insured under the PTA, however, we can jump on Six Crickets insurance as an “Additional Insured.”
There will be a vendor, a 6 Crickets representative and a Parent Volunteer in each class.
The classes offered this winter are: French, Art, Chess and Legos. Registration forms will go out in January.
Mara Calhoun asked about the all-school play. It was noted that it is not being run by Six Crickets and will be a PTA sponsored event.
7:54pm: Nominating Committe
Stephanie Gwaltny is on the committee.
Officers are being advised to try and find their own replacements.
Parkwood PTA is in need of a Treasurer and Secretary for 2018 – 2019 school year.
7:57pm – General Membership Meeting in January
Approve the budget
Minutes from September that will need to be approved
7:58pm – Naming of the Shoreline Children’s Center
Mara Calhoun – There is a petition going around written by a 4th grader at Meridian Park. She is hoping to rename the Shoreline Children’s Center after Edwin Pratt, Civil Rights Leader. She is hoping that it will be a meaningful reflection of Equity for the community. Mara will send a link about Sara and the petition to the PTA. There may be actions to take in February and March.
8:04pm – Adults should not be in the lobby before and after school – Not the hallways.
Derek Dalasta – Parents walking kids into the classrooms particularly in the morning is of great concern. We are not certain who is in the hallways. The rules have been in place, we just have not been enforcing them. This rule also protects the time of the teachers – they are having to field questions etc in the morning instead of/while welcoming students into the classroom.
Stephanie G. – Can I check into the office and then walk my child to class?
Derek – Only if you really need to go. We don’t want to put extra pressure on Lisa and Rose Ann.
Stephanie – I would be in favor of heavy communication regarding this change because it hasn’t been going on and it will be a culture shock.
Derek – More staff will be on morning supervision in the lobby in January.
Michelle M. – I feel like there is a big safety concern in the primary hallway – doors opening into children, kids pushing and running etc.
Mia – “Calm On In” working really well in 6th grade.
Mara – I think a community discussion around this would be great. Positive behavior support
8:15pm – Math Olympiad
Debbie O. sent a letter to the Math Olympiad Chair regarding the concerns around equity that the Parkwood PTA has expressed.
Debbie, Ann Torres, and Michelle Morgan will all meet with her soon.
In the end, it’s about the experience of our kids at the Award Ceremony.
8:21pm – Round Table
Kathryn Carter – Fantastic Mr. Fox flyer has been distributed to teachers.
Mary Anne Thomas – In a recent unofficial survey of the teachers, many of them are spending their own money on snacks. It is not just the newer teachers either. Some teachers are uncomfortable asking the families of students to supply snacks.
Suggestion of setting up Sign-up Genius’s throughout the school via Classroom Communities.
Katie Toth – Are we still doing Panther Tracks? The school newsletter? Derek addressed this, saying that all of the information is now on the website instead of a newsletter as it is more equitable – more accessible to our ELL and non-english speaking families. Katie and Michelle M. both responded with reports from Meridian
Park where their elder daughters are in High Cap. stating that they receive weekly emails and feel much more connected to the school, it’s activities etc. A discussion followed regarding various things people would like to have more information about such as the new vision screening that happened recently, Panther Paw Award winners, Construction updates etc. Maybe a monthly email with a link to the website would be good.
Heather Cimuchowski – Heather is representing the Parkwood PTA in regards to the upcoming Levy vote. Does the Parkwood PTA want to support the Levy? This should be brought up at the General Membership Meeting to be voted on.
Stephanie Gwaltny – Membership is constant.
Kari Thomas – Started working on the Auction last week. She needs three more people to help with procurement. It will all start in January.
8:47pm – Meeting adjourned.

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November PTA meeting notes

Parkwood PTA meeting – November 16, 2017

Attendees:  Betty Mai, Mea Fischelis, Kari Thomas, Mary Anne Thomas, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Marion Mohrlok, Julie Dragin, Kim Smith, Mara Calhoun, Katie Toth-Marter, Sam Alie

7:00-7:30 PM – Presentation by Shoreline PTA Council President – Kim Ositis

There are 16 local PTA’s in the Shoreline Council. They have membership meetings in February, May, and June. There are monthly Superintendent coffee meetings from 9:30-11 am. Two reps per each local PTA can attend. Go to for more info.


Holiday Baskets and Food Drive – Food, toys, and teen gifts are given to registered families. Volunteers needed for food drive sorting at Kellogg M.S. on 12/8 and 12/9. Gift cards in small denominations are needed – Target, Fred Meyer, itunes, and Safeway are popular cards. Boxes are also needed for the food drive.

Reflections Art Program reception – 1/11/18 – volunteers needed for help with reception and judging.

Monday, 2/26/18 – Summer Camp and After School Activities Resource Fair from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Shoreline Center.

Back to School Event – 8/25/18 at Ridgecrest Elementary. School supplies, haircuts, clothing, and hygiene products are available at this event.

Family Services Program: The Works

  • Provides clothing to families in need of assistance
  • Open – 6:30 – 8 pm on Wednesdays at the old North City site. Donations accepted at this time or by arrangement
  • Prom Shop for teens
  • School nurses can access anytime during the day if clothing is needed
  • Volunteers sort and organize donations. Students middle school and up may also volunteer
  • Volunteers needed – Registration volunteer and Prom Shop manager

Meeting start time: ?

Minutes – Debbie – stand as approved

Budget – Christina

Numbers for October – massive increase due to Fall Fundraiser. After school enrichment money has come in. $50 was used for first staff lunch (greatly appreciated by teachers). Teachers liked packet sent to them at the beginning of the year with information about PTA grants and money available for supplies.

 Kari – move to approve

Marion – 2nd

Vote – all in favor


Tickets are nonrefundable and it was suggested that a sign be placed on the table where tickets are purchased. Discussion about whether we should move to a suggested donation for next year or sell food and give away tickets in order to make it affordable for all families.

Math Olympiad – Debbie

A letter was sent from Debbie and board to the Math Olympiad Administration regarding our concerns that the event does not match our vision for inclusion and respect for human differences. Three points were made –

  • We would like ELL students to be able to have assistance when taking the test
  • We have a large group of students who are homeless. These kids could use help getting to or from the event or being fed breakfast or lunch
  • Would SMO consider testing Hi-cap kids a grade ahead which would level the playing field for General Education kids

Holiday Baskets – Katie

 Food drive is 11/27 – 12/8. Pasta is the Parkwood item this year. 2nd graders will be counting and helping to sort the food. All the donations will be driven to Kellogg on 12/8. Volunteers needed to help sort and drive food to Kellogg. If we reach the school goal, everyone gets ice cream!

 Enrichment – Debbie

If we hire 6 Crickets concierge service, they will do 90% of the enrichment program work. They get paid by increasing each class price by $5-10. But there are insurance issues. They cannot be insured by PTA but can we be added to 6 Crickets insurance? We need to figure out what our general liability coverage is and what 6 Crickets policy is.

Reflections –

There were two submissions from Parkwood. Do we need to give more notice next year? Would that increase participation?

 Nominating Committee –

Bridget, David D, Christina, Kari, and Stephanie G are on this committee. They will be looking for board members for next school year.

PTA and the Law – Debbie

Debbie attended this class and found out we should have invited both council members who were running for Shoreline Council to speak at our PTA meeting.

Round Table:

Christina – All PTA email addresses were being sent to personal addresses with no way to look back once positions changed and people left the school. Parkwood PTA is now a recognized nonprofit at Google and as such we have a large free office suite. Email and documents can now be maintained online with continuity from year to year.

Kari – First auction meeting was held. Ten volunteers needed for procurement of items. Each volunteer will be emailing online forms to 20 businesses.

Betty – Had a meeting with Ann regarding the classroom lists and getting more parent email addresses and contact info. Also involved with organizing the garage sale and forming a committee. Would like to involve 4th grade families so they know what to do for next year.

Sam – Wants to know if there has been discussion about the money being allocated for art in the new school budget. Will students be making art that will be incorporated into the new school? Hopes that some effort and thought will be put into art creation and instruction at school.

Kathy – Drama class going really well. She will be announcing the school play after Thanksgiving. Rehearsals will be 3x per week for 3rd-6th graders. The play will be performed on 3/26.

Mary Anne – It has been hard to get snacks this year for the primary grades. Mary Anne will ask teachers who needs help. Classroom communities will send out a request for snacks.

Marion – Send stuff to her that you want posted, any announcements, etc

Mea – Put emergency kits on agenda for January

Adjourned – 9:06 pm










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Parkwood PTA meeting notes – October 12, 2017

Parkwood PTA meeting – October 12, 2017

7:00-7:30 PM – Be Smart Presentation

Meeting start time: 7:47 PM

Attendees:  Betty Mai, Bridgette Shima, Mea Fischelis, Sara Kelly, Stephanie Gwaltney, Brenda Brock, Heather Cimuchowski, David Drummond, Kari Thomas, Mary Anne Thomas, Ann Torres, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Marion Mohrlok, Julie Dragin, Kim Smith, Mara Calhoun, Meredith Bane, Amber Tolbert

Fall Fundraiser – Kari

Total Fall Fundraiser has exceeded $18,000! Goal was $16,000. Less families contributed but the pledge levels were higher.

Budget – Christina

Kari – move to approve

Mea – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

Teacher Appreciation – Christina

The potluck idea was tabled and a luncheon for the teachers eight times per year is proposed. A request to have a $500 addition to the Teacher Appreciation line item of the budget – to total $800. $100 for each month from Oct-June (excluding May). The Teacher Appreciation team is Christina, Kim, And Stephanie.

Picture Day – Christina

Many kids did not have an order envelope on picture day. Discussion about whether we can give scholarships to students for pictures and whether Dorian can support Parkwood in this way instead of donating auction certificates. Maybe this can be done for class pictures in the Spring.

Watchdog Pizza Night – David

Watchdog pizza night was a huge success and Che runs it very well.

Enrichment – Debbie

We need a volunteer that is willing to commit to this program and oversee it – about 10 hours a week.  At this point we do not have that kind of commitment so it may not continue to exist as it has before and may become a smaller program. 6 Crickets is a program that handles registration for after school classes so that may be an option to help with this need.

November Dance – Amber

  • Star Wars theme
  • Free to get in
  • Bake sale, craft table, and photo booth
  • Not sure who will DJ yet
  • Volunteers are needed to help with bake sale, food sales, and maybe to help out in gym
  • 6th graders are making posters
  • Flyers will go out 3x before the event

6th Grade Camp – Ann

It’s next week!

Reflections – Meredith

The theme is “Within Reach” and the artwork must be submitted by Friday, 11/3, at 3 pm

 Math Olympiad:

 Michelle is working on a statement from Parkwood PTA

 Round Table:

Betty – Classrooms are planning Harvest parties and potlucks. There are gaps in classroom email lists.

Bridgette – The Diwali heritage class on 10/25 should be great with a dance demonstration and lots of activities planned. Heritage night at SCC is 10/27.

Stephanie – 176 PTA members

Ann – Internet Safety night is 10/25. Stephanie Thomas from SPD is the speaker. She will be speaking to the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders during the day.

David – Ideas for a Bike Rodeo at Parkwood to discuss bike safety. Also, an idea for the Science Fair – maybe have Parkwood parents who are STEM professionals at the fair to talk to students.

Mea and Kari – Auction planning meeting in November. Anyone welcome to attend and help with the planning.

Adjourned – 9:02 pm





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Parkwood PTA meeting – September 14, 2017

Parkwood PTA meeting – September 14, 2017

Start – 7:14 PM

Attendees:  Betty Mai, Kami VandenDyssel, Bridgette Shima, Minda Tochihara, Cody Koenig, Rebecca Brittle, Mea Fischelis, Sara Kelly, Stephanie Gwaltney, Brenda Brock, Sabrina Stacy, Amy Swanson, Heather Cimuchowski, David Drummond, Kari Thomas, Mary Anne Thomas, Ann Torres, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Marion Mohrlok, Julie Dragin

Minutes:  Mea motioned to approve June minutes as amended (Correction – “Increase direct ask to $16,000)

Kari – 2nd

Vote – all approved

Standing Rules:  Motion to approve

Stephanie motioned

Christina – 2nd

Vote – all approved

2017-2018 Budget:

Budget proposal – Kari

  • Move the Parkwood PTA budgeting process to a year in advance so we are able to better understand how much money we have to spend for the entire year. Expenses can then be identified and related to reliable income.
  • The money we have to spend for 2017-2018 comes out of our bank account.
  • The money we raise in the 2017-2018 school year is the money we can spend for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • For the short term, we recommend keeping the remaining balance in our reserves for help during the construction of Parkwood. This will ensure that if fundraising falls short during the construction year (2018-2019) that the following year the PTA will be able to continue with the programs determined important by the board at that time. The amount kept in reserves can then be reviewed once we are back in the new building.

Mea – motion to approve proposal

Stephanie – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

The question was asked: if we need extra money for a specific thing, such as a play, can we dip into the reserves. Yes, we can allocate money with the new proposal.

Christina motioned to add $3,135 to the Auction line of the budget to make it a total of $12,135 and to then approve the budget with that change

Kari – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

Curriculum Night – Ann

 Date changed from the 21st to the 26th

  • There will be childcare available for Parkwood students
  • Architecture presentation – 6:00-6:50 pm
  • Classroom time (includes classroom communities presentation) – 7-8 pm
  • Ann will send an email announcing the final plan

Watchdog Pizza Night: 

 10/10 at 6:30 pm

  • Che will need 3-4 PTA members to handle the money and do background checks

David explained the Watchdog program. It’s not only an opportunity for dads (and other male family members and friends) to help out at Parkwood but the Watchdogs also have a big presence on field day and at the Back to School BBQ.

Enrichment – Heather

  • Enrichment classes start the first week of October. There will be language, Lego, drama, chess, coding, and art classes offered after school.

 Fall Fundraiser – Kari

  • We are doing a direct ask and the fundraising goal is $16,000
  • Envelopes go out to families on Monday
  • There will be a reminder about the fundraiser on curriculum night
  • The thermometer on the PTA wall in the hall will show money raised
  • Our website has fundraiser forms and more info

 State of the School – Ann

 Thanks for a great first week at school! Parkwood has a current enrollment of 464. This is the first year at Parkwood with only Parkwood residents attending. The new school will have a capacity of 500.

Construction update –

  • Design advisory team: Ann Torres, Stephanie Wiper, Renita Ng, Renee Iverson, Chris Lirhus, Rob Parker, Rhetta Fisk, Faye Rasmussen, Lisa Donnell, Christina Torres, Stephanie Gwaltney
  • The new school will be open but with high security
  • 10,000 extra sq ft + two stories
  • There will be a presentation on curriculum night by the architects. They will present an overview, design schemes, feedback they’ve received and take questions/FAQ’s

Round Table:

 Kathy – planning a play production again this school year

Heather – Betty and Heather will be organizing the 5th grade garage sale this year. They need 5th grade volunteer parents to help with the sale. Also contact Heather if you have a suggestion for the Parkwood Facebook page – Parkwood FAN

Stephanie – we have scholarships available for PTA memberships, spread the word.

Bridgette – Parkwood will have a Diwali heritage class on 10/25. She is looking for someone who celebrates Diwali to help with the class. Also, she has already received over 70 volunteer forms from parents who want to volunteer at Parkwood.

Debbie – the banana notebook has lots of PTA info – job descriptions, event notes and more, for anyone who needs PTA information


Adjourned – 8:55 pm





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General meeting minutes June 15

Parkwood PTA General Meeting

Welcome to all participating community members!!

Start 7:10 PM

Standing Rules– disseminated

#14 Updated

“The Board of Directors of Parkwood PTA shall consist of the elected officers (see standing rule #11), Principal, teacher rep, and the chairperson of membership, performing arts, classroom communities, participating, fundraising and Enrichment committee. All members of the Board of Directors must be members of the PTA organization. The Principal is a nonvoting member

Motion to approve Michelle

Second Christina

Vote – all in favor

No discussion

Board Phone List – sign in sheet

Treasurer Report

Interim 2017-2018 Budget

Topics of Discussion

Increase Direct Ask to $16,300

In looking at the percentages of allocation – discussion about does the budget reflect our mission and vision? Decision not to convene a summer committee to align titles

Planning for the Future –

Principal Torres:

Large Scale School Concern – Library Books

Medium Scale Item

School or PTA supplemented “shopping area”

Discussion about family need at Parkwood – our school now has the highest percentage of homeless students in the district (even more than the high schools). Currently Parkwood has approximately 10% of homeless students

Other discussions of Budget

Field Trips

Teacher Supports

Classroom Accounts

Motion – Mea

Second – Julie

No Abstentions

Approve an Interim Budget

Do we have anything in the budget that

Review of May 2016 – 2017 Budget

Still cutting checks

$12,000 – $13,000 did not spend this year

$1,400 did not get spent from the classroom

$1,100 did not get spent from field trip allocation

Educational Enrichment – 5 classes did not request any money


Christina motion


Approval of 2017-2018 Signers/Designees of Income (Checks) for PTA Bank Account:

Designated signers

Debbie Olehoft

Christina Torres

Michelle Morgan

Motion to Approve

Mea – motion

Kari – second

Vote – all in favor, no abstentions

Roles and Board Roster

Safety Committee – Christina, Julie, Kathy

Communication Chair – E-blast– Susan Salas

Facebook, Social Media – Heather Cimuchowski

OPEN Webmaster – discussion about if the PTA should pay someone to do it, rather than a volunteer parent –call Debbie Olehoft


Start of the Fall Fundraiser – week of curriculum night (max of four weeks, preferably 3)

Discussion about scheduling the Auction scheduling – June 1

Dia Del Nino Night – April 30

PTA Garage Sale – June 16

Discussion about fundraisers

Back to School BBQ

Main goal for families to meet teachers, kids to reconnect – secondary PTA informational

Discussion – PTA presence Include a Resurce Fair (information at fingertips) – resources for families.

Review of the Parking Lot Sale

Reflections – planning started too late. Only 3 families.

Online Registration System – payment method needed

Math Olympiad

4 – 6th grade, district wide event. Weekly math class (need a volunteer to teach it) In March the district holds an event – testing

Philosophy in approach varies from Parkwood PTA

Discussion about equity at Math Olympiad – will Parkwood participate?

Budget Reserves

Recommendation 6 Months of operating budget sitting in reserves.

Subcommittee to convene with a presentation due in August to ultimately make a decision regarding the amount of reserves.

Principal Torres

Recap of the year communication

No more monthly newsletter – attempting at making the information more accessible – translating the webpage.

Small Group Committee – Design Team

1. Meet about what the group envisions as the new space of Parkwood

2. Viewed three different schools and children’s museum in Bellevue – looked at spaces

Check out the website for more details!!

In the fall – community wide meetings, hoping to include this with curriculum night.

When thinking about purchasing those back to school supplies

All supply donations are welcome!!

Meeting Adjourn 9:20

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Board meeting minutes May 11

May Parkwood PTA Board Meeting
Attendees: Michelle Morgan (president), Debbie Olhoeft, Bridgette Shima, Christina Torres, Heather Brown, Mea Fischellis, Kathy Carter, Julie Dragin, Kari Thomas
1. Minutes – Motion to approve April minutes
Kari Motioned
Bridget 2 nd
Vote – all approved
2. Budget –
Discussion of April Budget
Fall campaign contributions $440/month
Original Works
Field Trips
Classroom Grants – the time has passed for teachers to submit. Also discussion about substitute
teachers and submission – future communications.
May 1 deadline for classroom and field trip grants.
Co-Presidents to attend the staff meeting in September to outline the staff deadlines.
Calendar with dates, reimbursement form
Email communications to the teachers regarding educational field trips.
Mea – motion
Julie – second
All approved: No abstention or questions
Budget – discussion
Interim budget will be approved in the June General Membership Meeting
 Change the income from the after school enrichment
 Scholarships to stay at $5,000
 Question: are there unmet needs (funding) the PTA could support?
 Math Night/Science Night – no receipts given this year?
 Emergency Kits – $2,500 Encumbered funds + budget allocation
 Monday Coffee – what is the status of reimbursement?
 Line item added for the school play
Auction and Talent Show
Raffle sales
Buy-it- now – gift certificates to buy at value
Volunteers still needed!! Set up! Contact Kari Thomas
24 Acts for the Talent Show Emcee – David and 2-3 6 th grade girls
Open Positions:
Debbie passed around open positions sign-up sheet for discussion.
Nomination Committee for Board Positions for 2017-18
Debbie Olhoeft –   Co-President
Christina Torres – Co-President
Michelle Morgan  – VP of Enrichment
Kari Thompson – VP of Fund raising

OPEN  – Treasurer
Julie Dragin – Secretary
Scholarship Policy for Enrichment
The policy will change – scholarship for the position of “parent coordinator”
Parent and Pastries
Volunteers Needed – last day of school

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August 24th Board meeting minutes

Parkwood PTA Meeting Minutes – August 24, 2017
Meeting began at 7:00pm.
● Idea for monthly teacher appreciation luncheons proposed by Christina Torres. Support
was shown and a trial-run is set to begin first Wednesday in October by 6th grade
Classroom Communities
● Budget Funding Proposal presented by Kari Thomas
○ Proposal to set aside funds for next year’s operating budget
○ Recommend holding on to excess reserves through Parkwood building
construction completion
○ Action Items
■ Confirm what the WSPTA recommends for reserve amounts.
■ What are legalities of fundraising for the following year as a non-profit?
■ Proposal to be presented and voted on at general membership meeting in
● Treasurer Updates
○ Presentation of 2016-2017 Year-end report.
○ 2016-2017 Financial Review Completed.
○ July budget discussion – no questions at this time.
● Back to School BBQ Review
○ BBQ & Resource Fair (Information at your Fingertips) to be held August 31
■ 8 outside vendors + Classroom Communities
■ PTA Volunteer forms are need for the Back to School Packets that will be
handed out at this event
■ Donation Bucket needed
■ Printer/Copier needed for Background Check table
● Kari Thomas and Katie Toth-Marter to bring printers
● Christina Torres to run the table and bring all supplies: Paper, Pens, Clipboards, etc.
● Kindergarten Tea and Tissues
○ 2 Shifts on September 11
■ 8:45 – Kari Thomas & Meredith Bane to host
■ 12:20 – Christina Torres & Stephanie Gwaltney to host
■ Mea Fischelis to bring snacks and coffee
○ General coffee and parent welcome on Wednesday, September 6
■ Marion Mohrlok to host
● Back to school packets
○ Help is needed for assembly on the 30th or 31st of August
● Round Table
○ Susan Salah to take over communications for PTA (E-Blast, lists, etc.)
○ Website in transition from private hosting to hosting service
○ All board members are asked to join the PTA asap!
○ Fall Fundraiser – Committe needs to meet and get information out
○ Meredith Bane volunteered to do Reflections
○ Natural leaders – Expanding Heritage Night out over the school year and will be
celebrating and learning about various holidays
● State of the School – Ann Torres
○ Construction Update
■ Design Advisory Team meeting regularly
■ Architects starting to work with specialist staff
■ Sept. 21 Community forum with architects
○ Dates
■ No United Way Day of Caring this year
■ Curriculum Night Sept 21
■ 6th Grade Camp October 18-20
■ Presentation October 25th by Stefanie Thomas of the Seattle Police
Department – Internet Safety
● PTA funds designated at $250
○ Staffing Updates
■ 4 new teachers
● Julie Brown, ELL
● Gina Roarbach, 1st Grade
● Alysha Bidwell, 2nd Grade
● Vanessa Hidano, 5th Grade
■ New Classified Staff
● Carson Hambree
○ McCleary Update
■ Education budget has finally been passed for Washington State schools
● Shoreline bond suppression possible
● Salary cap potential big negative
● Need for a Legislation chair on PTA
Meeting adjourned 9:08pm

Addendum to Meeting Minutes
2017-2018 Board Members Approved through e-mail June 19 as followup to the June 15 PTA
President – Debbie Olhoeft
VP – Michelle Morgan
VP – Kari Thompson
Treasurer – Christina Torres
Secretary – Julie Dragin
Bank Signers will be Michelle Morgan, Christina Torres, & Debbie Olhoeft
Affirmation was unanimous from 12 voting members present at June 15th Meeting:
● Julie Dragin
● Mea Fischelis
● Heather Cimuchowski
● Bridgette Shima
● Marion Mohrlok
● Kari Thomas
● Stephanie Gwaltney
● Mary Anne Thomas
● Christina Torres

● Heather Brown
● Michelle Morgan
● Debbie Olhoeft


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PTA Meeting Minutes 4/6/17 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA meeting – April 6, 2017

Attendees: Michelle Morgan, Betty Mai, Minda Tochihara, Debbie Olhoeft, Christina Torres, Ann Torres, Mary Anne Thomas, Stephanie Gwaltny, Kari Thomas, Kathryn Carter, Julie Dragin

Minutes: Motion to approve March minutes

Debbie motioned

Christina – 2nd

Vote – all approved


-Money coming in from Original Works

-Afterschool enrichment checks coming in

-Teachers are getting grants in

Motion to approve March budget – Kari

Kathy – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

Einstein M.S. PTA – Debbie

Middle school PTA is different from elementary school. It is not the same time requirement. There is a PTA presence at school related events – a PTA table at events. Both PTA and ASB do fundraising. The Fall fundraiser pays for two events – 7th grade heart dissections and 8th grade field trip to colleges – plus teacher grants. ASB also does a Color Run event for 6th grade families in the Spring. Debbie is hoping to get more parents interested in the PTA at Einstein.

Instructional Steering Committee – Debbie

Debbie is on the Instructional Steering Committee for the Shoreline School District. They are looking at how instruction in done in the district and what can be done differently. They sent surveys to all parents in the district. Middle and high school students are also taking the surveys. They have discussed arts instruction (lack of it), they are looking at equity in the district, and have met with a college panel to discuss what characteristics graduates should have (self advocacy is really important) and what they should know at graduation. The committee is having a community event on 5/13 to look at the ideas from the survey in depth and get feedback from parents.

PTA Enrichment:

Babylyn Lumbera will be the Enrichment Coordinator next school year. Michelle Morgan will be helping out as well.

Parkwood Elementary PTA Vision Statement:

Debbie read the completed vision statement. Vote to adopt the core values to vision statement –

Debbie motioned

Christina – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

Kari will post the statement on FB, website and PTA board page. Debbie emailed Bridgette to translate into other languages.

Auction – Kari:

-Auction procurement is going well. We have 75 items so far (134 total last year). Procurement started late, in March, and some of the old businesses were unable to give due to budget restrictions. But new businesses are donating.

-The teacher and parent items have not come in yet. Basket flyers have gone out to parents. The donation boxes will be placed in the halls on Monday.

-Raffle sales will be 5/15-19. Auction wall needs to go up on Friday, 5/12. Volunteers are needed for raffle sales, food sales, putting up auction wall, and 10-12 people to help on the night of auction.

-Discussion about what the PTA auction bidding sheet should be for – teen gift cards or replacement books for library.

-Ann will email teachers about auction items.

SBAC – Betty:

Betty will be emailing all of the 3rd-6th grade classroom parents about testing days. The classroom parents will be asking parents to bring in testing snacks for students.

Yearbook – Michelle:

Michelle is finishing the yearbook. Flyer will go out tomorrow to collect money for books.

State of the School:

-Testing runs from 5/2 – 6/1. A volunteer is needed to help with the snack cart – dropping off snacks at the classrooms. Attendance is super important. Different grade levels test on different days.

-Construction update: Parkwood stays here in 2017-2018, North City 2018-2019, and new facility 2019-2020. Local architects toured the school yesterday. An architect will be selected in early May.

-Field day will be at Parkwood on 6/22. Volunteers are needed.

2017-2018 Calendar:

-Office opens 8/14

-First day 9/6

-BBQ (8/31?)

-Skeletal calendar on district site

Math Olympiad – PTA/ Parkwood should make a conscious decision whether or not to continue participation. Our kids work so hard but imbalance is very stark at event. Debbie will send a letter to PTA to ask for committee members to discuss this issue.

Round Table:

Stephanie – on a committee to discuss partial release model for Shoreline school district. Feedback and suggestions encouraged.

Kathy – kudos to Kathy for a great play! She is now busy with talent show preparation.

Teacher Appreciation week will be the first week of May.

Adjourned – 8:39 PM

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March Parkwood PTA Board Meeting 3/9/17

Attendees: Michelle Morgan (president), Debbie Olhoeft, Bridgette Shima, Christina Torres, Heather Brown, Mea Fischellis, Mary Ann Thomas, Kathy Carter

Next Meeting – April 6, 2017

Minutes – Motion to approve February minutes

Mea Motioned

Bridget 2nd

Vote – all approved


Ramping up for Original Works –

Christina gave a brief update of the overall budget

$426 Line Item for the WatchDogs

Checks being cashed from Heritage Night

Discussion of teacher grants and receipts submitted –

Deadline for field trip grants – May 1st


Motion to approve the February budget  – Debbie motion

2nd – Mea

Vote – all in favor

No abstention or questions

SAVE the DATE!!  Auction May 19th 5 PM Mea gave the Board an update on the progress of Auction Planning. We need more help with the procurement! If anyone has items to donate or if they know a business who can donate, please bring the items in to the office.

The board discussed where is the best location for the baskets to be placed to trigger parents to remember to donate towards the baskets.

Teacher reminder flyer – re: classroom coming home early next week. Michelle Morgan is listed as the contact.

We have secured Einstein swag to include a hoodie and two t-shirts

  • Auction 5:00 – 6:30
  • Food 5:30
  • Talent Show 6:30

We are working with the Wheatley’s to secure a DJ – Kathy Carter is taking lead on this

Original Works – Due by March 27th

All classrooms are working very hard to complete their art projects

Mara Calhoun taking lead on this project.

Nominations Committee:

We are seeking your nominations for Awards! Each year, we give awards to an exceptional Educator, Classified Staff member, Volunteer, and Community Advocate. Send in your recommendations for these awards to recognize excellence at Parkwood. You can ask your kids/students to write something too!

Specifically, please describe the nominee’s contributions to our school including: examples of outstanding work performance, professional leadership and collaboration with colleagues, students or families, and/or other unique qualities or circumstances that make this person an exceptional employee, volunteer or advocate.

Debbie has sent the board an email. This needs to go out in an e-blast, flyers will be hung up, and teachers have the nominations sheets as well.

Nominations Committee for Board:

The Board is looking for parents to volunteer to be part of the PTA Board. The two positions to be filled are:

  • Treasurer
  • Communications
  • Ways and Means – Fundraising Chair

Vote Yes Yard Signs:

If anyone has a yard sign – you can bring them to the front office. We can take them and save them for another campaign.

School Play Update:

March 24th – Friday

There will be a 9 AM assembly

6 PM evening Show

40 minutes long

Program to be printed

Kathy has only spent $200 so far – she is gathering much of the materials from donations and Goodwill.

State of the School

Principal Torres gave a brief presentation

Title One Conference – a group of teachers attended a conference in CA over the Feb. break. This work directly relates to all of the academic achievement awards the school has earned.

Levy Cliff – WA Legislature has announced a delay in the “Levy Cliff”

  • Would have allowed temporary levy cliff allowances to expire in 2018
  • Now delayed until 2019
  • Allows Shoreline to still collect full levy funds through duration of next school year
  • There is a Legislative Meeting on Saturday 9:30 – 11:30

Construction Update – Bond was validated on February 24th with 74.8% yes vote.

Meeting with the Deputy Superintendent tomorrow to review general guidelines.

Parkwood = here in 2017-2018, North City for 2018-2019, New facility 2019-2020

Family Advocacy – Board discussion regarding how to support all families. A great way to give is to buy a Fred Meyer or Safeway gift card!

Resource Equity Committee – Ann would like to reconvene this group and is looking for volunteers and possibly a donation of a refridgerator for storing the fresh food that fill the weekend backpacks.

Board discussion of the Spring Break camp – Intervention camp for 3-6 grade – prep for the SBA. 60 spots for students – invitation only – 14 spots left.

Round Table

Bridget – Updated the board on an upcoming workshop – Wednesday March 22 – Information at Your Fingertips! STEM, communication, library cards to be submitted onsite. Flyer coming soon. Will be in the March newsletter

Christina – First Grade Potluck – next week

Mea – Food Services Web Site has changed – no longer  password issues.

Little Library – going to go in the front of the school. For the summer. More details to come. Looking for donations of extra books

Heather – 5th and 6th grade – student led conferences  – went well, Good strategy to get increased investment by the students

Debbie – Instructional Steering Committee – got lots of comments on the survey. Creating a vision and plan for the education in Shoreline. Looking for representation from all different demograhic groups. Community Event – whole Saturday in May – more details coming soon.  Profile of a graduate.  Board read and reviewed the DRAFT Vision Statement.





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February PTA Board Meeting Minutes

February Parkwood PTA Board Meeting

Attendees: Michelle Morgan (president), Debbie Olhoeft, Bridgette Shima, Christina Torres, Heather Brown, Mea Fischellis, Mary Ann Thomas, Kathy Carter, Julie Dragin, Stephanie Gwaltney

The PTA Board Meeting occurred on the same evening as the Parkwood Neighborhood Ice Cream Social – the priority for this board meeting was to interface with the Parkwood community to ensure voter turnout. As such – the following minutes and meeting we abbreviated and accelerated in order for board members to attend the social.

  1. Minutes – Motion to approve December minutes

Kathy Carter Motioned

Bridget 2nd

Vote – all approved


  1. Budget –

Brought in money for after school enrichment

Starting to get money in from Fred Meyer and Amazon Smile

Motion to approve the December and January  – Debbie motion

2nd – Carrie

Vote – all in favor

No abstention or questions

Heritage Night – A big shout out to Bridget Shima for all her hard work. This event was a great collaborative effort on the part of the Natural Leaders. A great evening!


  • We are considering allocating a scholarship line item in the budget
  • This is especially prevalent in the after school volunteering – currently have two families that do want to volunteer
  • Next year the envelopes to join the PTA will include a place to check off and donate while becoming a member. Families who want to, can donate the cost of a membership to a family in need.
  • Discussion around ideas for future fund raising for local business support for membership.
  • Scholarship line item to provide families with membership.

Bond Approval and Discussion –

Bond is coming out February 14th

Sign Waving Event – the district will be looking for volunteers to show support by standing and waving signs.

Buttons and fund envelopes distributed.

Bond Information –

  • Roughly 40,000 people in shoreline who have not voted.
  • Still need 8,000 more votes
  • We need 16,002 votes to count towards the bond
  • Lots of people have been out on corners with signs. Tonight there is the Parkwood Neighborhood Community ice cream social – PTA Board to ensure that all
  • Phone bank going on tonight
  • 15 Parkwood staff members to go door to door this weekend.
  • Still needed: cards to be passed out – any volunteers welcome

Book Fair

April 25th De Del Nino will be linked. The librarians will need some support from the PTA to run the cash registers. There will be an evening event and an opportunity for Ann Torres to dress up and get additional funds for the school.

Meeting Adjourned 7:45 PM

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