PTA Meeting Minutes – 5/9/19 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA Meeting May 9, 2019 Parkwood North City Library 7:00PM

1. Welcome – Introductions around the room

2. Treasurer report – see attached Executive Summary

1. Question on whether Rassmussen was included in the field trip grant

3. Talent Show auditions being held 5/13

4. Auction

  • 1. Raffle baskets are coming along. 3rd-6th grade basket could be filled out a bit more.
  • 2. Baskets will be on display in the office May 2th-May 31st
  • 3. Suggestions on what the fund-a-need should be are welcome

5. Yearbook order forms have been sent out

  • 1. There was a question on how to donate money towards buying yearbooks for other in the school. It was thought there was a big pool of money from past years that will be used for that.

6. Open positions for next year that people have volunteered for. Elections will be held at the next PTA meeting

  • 1. president- Christina Torres
  • 2. co-president- Kari Thomas (also taking Fundraising Chair)
  • 3. treasurer- Marie
  • 4. Vice president- Sarah Forest
  • 5. Secretary- Brenda Brock
  • 6. Co secretary- Amanda Galuska
  • 7. PTA teacher rep- Lydia Kim

7. There is a PTA council training May 20th 6:30pm at Meridian Park. Required for anyone on the PTA board.

8. Math Olympiad

  • 1. Looking for a coach for next years team. Season typically runs October to March, with the competition on the closest day possible to 3/14. Would need to be available 2 days a week for 1 hour sessions after school
  • 2. Amanda is going to look into what the going rate to hire someone for this position would be

9. Sarah and Heather with the legislation re-cap 1. Special Education funding is still lacking. Please share stories with the PTA council that can be used to help get more funding


Amanda- School Supply website goes live May 27th. Kits will be sold May 27- June 14th and passed out to students during the back-to-school BBQ

Kari-Volunteer spreadsheet created at the beginning of the year not a successful as everyone hoped. Some other ideas came up to helping recruit volunteers 2. Ask face to face 3. Create committees for each project needed Website needs to be updated. Amanda said she would help. Online calendar dates are incorrect.

Betty- Classroom communities looking for a replacement. Betty would like to start training her replacement

Mia- 6th grade slide show. Looking for photos of 6th graders to add from all their years at Parkwood

Christie- What do teachers do with extra class photos they receive? There are not enough to give to every student that may be missing one. 1. Should the PTA buy enough extra so that every child gets one? 2. Should the PTA buy enough yearbooks for every child has one of those instead? 3. Do the yearbooks have the class photos in them?

State of the School

  • 1. Tentative date of the Back To School BBQ is Aug 29.
  • 1. Maybe a committee should be created to organize it?
  • a. Kari, Marie and Amanda all volunteered
  • 2. The new Playground has been ordered. It will be covered in rubber bits instead of woodchips to make the playground more inclusive. Space has been created to where more equipment can be added at a later date if funds are raised to add it.
  • 3. 3 new teachers are going to be hired to help comply with the small class sizes funding. a. 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers b. Emily Thomas will not be returning to Parkwood Elementary next year
  • 4. There are 2 guaranteed Kindergarten classes at Parkwood Elementary next year. A possible 3rd K class will be added or a 4th 1st grade class will be added, depending on how many 1st grade children there will be. This is to comply with the new class size requirement
  • 8:52 Meeting Adjourned
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PTA Meeting Minutes – 4/11/19 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA Board Meeting April 11/2019

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM

Updates: Awards: have been decided and will be announced at the May 2nd Assembly

Auction: Signed up for an Auction Website – Aucturia at the minimum cost May 20th to May 24 some of the items will be on-site plus 7 of the baskets The children’s artwork will be displayed Basket bins will be put out on Monday. Need ideas for fund-a-need Ann wanted to wait until closer to the date to decide on the fund a need but we need to know by May 19th

3rd Grade Request: Diane Hertzberg and Kristen Mesler attended the meeting to request additional money for the 3rd grade students. They asked for $1200 for the culmination event for the social studies unit. They would like to take the students to Blake Island – 91 students, 4 classes – Hertzberg, Iverson, Rasmussen and Mesler. Usually the 3rd participates in a Potlach but the family that usually performs at the event and leads a participatory Native American Dance and ceremony has moved and are unable to do the Potlach. The teachers found out when it was too late to make adjustment to the program. This is a one-time request. The request was tabled until after the treasurer report.

Treasurer Report: Marie passed out the executive summary which was then reviewed and discussed. It was noted that we would not have to pull from the reserves to fund the 3rd grade grant request since we have not spent all the money in this this year’s budget. Returned to 3rd Grade Request: Kari Thomas motioned to allocated $1200 from the 2018-2019 year unspent income for a one-time grant for the 3rd grade Potlach. Brenda Brock 2nd the motion. Motion approved with one abstention (Ms. Kim).

Teacher Appreciation: Amanda Galuska is the lead on teacher appreciation week. May 6th to 10th. She passed out a flyer for review. Inger will help Amanda with the list of teachers.

My Favorite Things List: Amanda Galuska is leading this – a list of things that teachers need. She will set up a google form and send it to Lisa and Inger so they can send it to the teacher.

Kinder Play dates: Need volunteers for Twin ponds play dates 4 dates: July 16th 4PM to 6PM July 27th 10 AM to 12 PM August 7 4 PM to 6PM August 17 10 AM to 12 PM Christina and Kari will be merging Kindergarten email lists

Natural Leaders: Doing and event information TBD Enrichment: No new updates

Yearbook: in the works

Play: Is coming along

Math Olympiad: Since Math Olympiad is making reforms the board needs to think about setting a program for next year.

School Supplies: Amanda Galuska presented information to the board. The deadline for orders would have to be June 15th. There is no cost difference between ordering on line and with an paper order form. More discussion followed. Amanda is moving forward and will have to work out shipping with Lisa especially with the move to the new building.

Round Table: Sarah: Brought up idea of giving each kid a $10.00 voucher for the bookfair. Added to budget committees meeting Legislation: The state budget is coming up and people need to speak up about the importance of funding education as the budget is falling short in different areas including special education. Also lifting the lids on the levies. We should all contact our legislatures.

Kindergarten enrollment: As of now we have 3 ½ kindergarten classes. At some point kids are not guaranteed to be at their home school or at the school in the district area. Late registrations may end up at North city instead of Parkwood or Meridian Park.

Budget: A Request was made to add an annual grant for Physical Education in the budget. Also, 2 grant requests for music. On March 19th the Executive Board unanimously approved a $500 grant to be used for microphones and a $1,000 grant to be used per PTA approval.

Newsletter: Please send Kari any information that should be included in the newsletter. Please send any information to

Marie: Parkwood Neighborhood Association is doing a Trash Walk on May 4, 2019 at Twins Pond Park.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:51 PM

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PTA Meeting Minutes – 3/14/19 (DRAFT)

PTA Minutes March General Membership Meeting 7:07

the meeting was called to order Secretary – No report, minutes from the September General Membership meeting were approved as written

Treasurer Report – The monthly report was distributed and discussed, 3rd grade maybe asking for more money since the family that has long did the Potlach cannot do it this year Scholarship for the Play are projected at $2500 We have not paid anything for the speakers, we may give money for the Author that is coming to speak as a Library speaker. Ann will ask Lisa about the fall speaker Discussion followed regarding 6th grade camp and how much money we can give this year. We did not spend any money for the 2018 6th grade camp so that money will be encumbered for next year is the school needs it since it is sending both 5th and 6th grades to camp next year. Further discussion was tabled until June.

New grants: The Executive board was approached regarding the Global Reading challenge to get t-shirts as they won this year. The Executive board approved $100 on March 15th.

Kathy Carter was asked for the money that was not spent last year, $300, for the play to be spent this year. The money was encumbered from last year the money can be moved from last year to this year.

Carl Yost has asked for a grant to purchase sound and lighting equipment. Total costs for the equipment are $1547.99 Ann is going to meet with the architect for the new building to make sure that nothing he is requesting would already be in the new building. Discussion followed. A motion was made by Mea Fischelis to use $1,000 of the current reserves for a grant to the Music Department for this year. The Final purchases must be approved by the Executive Board. Kari Thomas Second the motion. The motion passed with 8 yeses and 2 abstentions. David Drummond agreed to communicate with Carl and work with him on the final list of equipment to be purchased.

Reports: Michelle Morgan reported that the planning for enrichment has begun for next year. This year the only class that was offered was the Play.

Pictures are needed for the yearbook. Parents should send pictures to Michelle and teachers should end photos to Roseanne.

There may be an Art Dosa next year, Julie White.

Brenda Bock reported on the auction All procurement letters have gone out, Annie Drummond is on top of the procurement Letters have gone to all teachers. May 1st is the deadline for submissions by the teachers. Possible on-line Auction this year, one time for this year given that so many families are not coming to the school. The cost would $100 to $225 Help is needed for the baskets since we are losing Stephanie. Discussion Followed

Kari Thomas reminded everyone to email newsletter items to her.

Original works is going out soon.

Play is going well, one school show and two evening shows.

Christina reminded everyone about the awards coming up Golden Acorn Golden Apple Classified Staff Community Advocate The committee is Amanda, Mea, Bridget, Christina Christina to find the form and send it out.

Staff Appreciation needs a lead. The dates are May 6-10.

The standing rules were reviewed. The vacant positions for next year for the board are Secretary Vice President Vice President

State of the School: Shoreline schools is reducing class sizes to 20 kids in grades K-3. Most schools will be moving their Kindergarten classes to either Meridian Park or North City. Parkwood may not be affected by this as there are enough classrooms at the new school to accommodate the number of Kindergarteners that have registered to date. If the enrollment far exceeds the number of current registrations, then some kindergarteners may have to be placed in a classroom at Meridian Park. Final placements will be determined closer to the start of the school year.

Meeting was adjourned.

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PTA Meeting Minutes – 1/10/19 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA Executive Board meeting – January 10, 2019

Attendees: Christina Torres, Julie Dragin, Kari Thomas, Marie Ammerman, Michelle Morgan

7:02 – meeting start time Math Olympiad – Other schools on board and Math Olympiad board now agreeing to our requests. Students will now be competing at instructional levels, materials will be translated into other languages, plus IEP accommodations.

School Play – Play will be an after-school enrichment activity with the performance at the end of March. Class will be on Mon/Tues/Thurs and will cost $250, 4th-6th graders only, up to 45 students. Michelle will process forms, copy, and put in Kathy’s box. There is $2500 for scholarships in the budget. We will most likely give partial scholarships.

Budget – Marie Treasurer’s Report – December 2018 Income: $547.74 Pass through: $9.50 Membership: pass through to WSPTA: $9.50, profit: $5.50 Fall fundraiser: $542 Interest: $0.24 Expenses: Budgeted: $1025.51 Pass through: $623.50 Student dance: $391.30 Teacher grants: $56.92 Grant for Lydia Kim’s class: $100 Family advocate stipend: $17.60 Yearbook: $500 Refund to Shoreline SD of check issued in error: $438.44 Bank fees (PayPal): $21.25 Pass through to WSPTA: $123.50 Year to date income: $19,725.62 Year to date budgeted expenses: $6782.14 Move to re-allocate $500 from Goodbye Parkwood Party line item in encumbered funds to Welcome Parkwood Party 2019 line item – Christina 2nd – Kari All approve Move to re-allocate remaining $171 from Mascot Costume line item in encumbered funds to Welcome Parkwood Party 2019 line item – Christina 2nd – Marie All approve

We had the internet safety speaker at the beginning of year but there is enough money in the budget for another speaker. Marie will ask Lisa about it.

Review of WSPTA checklist Review of Best Practices checklist

Teacher Luncheon – Lunches are once a month from 10:15-1:45 and more volunteers are needed to help out. Michelle will set up sign up genius for this month’s teacher luncheon.

Adjourned – 8:16 pm

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PTA Meeting Minutes – December 13th, 2018

Parkwood PTA Meeting December 13, 2018

Parkwood North City Library 7:00PM

  1. Welcomes – Introductions around the room
  2. Minutes – were tabled for this month
  3. Treasurer report – see attached Executive Summary No questions
  4. School Dance – Amber did a great job!

over all the dance went well, there was a great turn out.  Will need to schedule a post wrap up /debrief and logistics meeting with Ann, Lisa, Christina and Amber.

Clear that more volunteers are needed to help Amber as she does so much and could use help.  There was talk about creating a committee to spread the work load.

  1. Reflections:  submissions are currently on display at the Shoreline Center
  2. Food Drive:  We are 29 cans away from Goal.  Thank you to Katie Toth for her work on the Food Drive
  3. Classroom Communities:  Betty to start encouraging classes to organize potlucks. Betty will be stepping down next year so need to find a replacement.   Thank you for her service as the chair.
  4. Auction: Kari is handing the auction over to Brenda Brock and Chip Rogers. The auction timeline starts in January so look for emails regarding the Auction.
  5. School Play:  This year it is Alice in Wonderland, Forms will be going home next week. Kathy is working out the issues of space and time. Practices will be twice a week.  Play will be March 22
  6. Nominating committee:  Christina will be putting that together after Winter break.  We do now have legislative chairs, Heather Cimuchowsk and Sarah Forrest.

As of right now the following positions will need to be filled next year:  Vice president, secretary, co-president and classroom communities chair.

  1. Leadership training:  They will be happening prior to the PTA meetings from 6:00 to 6:45 PM. Hopefully there will be several more of these throughout the year.  The focus will be on Race & equity and what are the ways the PTA can be aware of these issues.

Kari will be resending the survey about the PTA as to date there are no responses.

The General Membership meeting has been moved to February 7th and discussion followed about possible trainings that could happen during that meeting that would be engaging to the Parkwood Community.  One thought was understanding when to let your kids fail, how to support them.

  1. State of the School:

Teachers and staff are getting ready for Winter break.  It is important for all to understand that not every student/family is excited about Winter break.  For many the break is stressful, and it is showing in the students now.

The school is receiving a lot of community support for example Rotary took 34 students shopping to stores that were only open for Parkwood students for the kids to get some clothes and other necessities.

Construction is on time and very active.  To see updates, visit the School district website. There aerial photos posted each week showing the progress. Ann is currently working on furniture selection.  It costs 13, 000 to 14,000 to outfit one classroom. She is currently field-testing items and getting feedback from students and teachers.

The calendar for the 2019-2020 school year is not yet posted but she is working on it.  Ann put a request for volunteers to help organize the Opening of the new Parkwood school.  It is very important to create a positive good event to say thank you to the Community for supporting the bond. This is important for the success of future bonds. If you are interested in being on the committee, please contact Ann.

Teachers updates: Lydia Kim reported: working on the PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention system – it is a school wide committee to support creative climate in the school.  They came up with spirit week next week.

Monday – Panther Pride

Tuesday – Sports day

Wednesday – Stuffed Animal day

Thursday – Career Day

Friday – Hat day

Round the Table:

David Drummond – high school seniors are in need of community service hours so any way we can help them reach their requirements.  Heritage night was brought up as an idea.

Kari Thomas – reported that teachers have been added on the PTA distribution list. Thank yous for the giving campaign will be sent December and January.

Debbie Olheft – a guest at the meeting emphasized how important it is for parents to stay involved in their kids education and lives in middle school and high school.  A conversation followed on how to transition kids from elementary school to middle school.

Marie – asked for input on the Ice Cream Social for the Parkwood Neighborhood Association and if it should happen at the school or at another location in the neighborhood.   A short discussion followed. It is tentatively scheduled for the week of February 27th.

Meeting was adjourned.


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PTA Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2018

Parkwood PTA meeting – November 8, 2018

Attendees:  Christina Torres, Julie Dragin, Kari Thomas, Ann Torres, Bridgette Shima, Cody Koenig, Inger Murdock, Marie Ammerman, David Drummond, Michelle Morgan, Jennifer Eklund, Stephanie Gwaltney, Amanda Galuska, Lydia Kim, Amber Tolbert, Meredith Bane

7:03 – meeting start time

Budget – Marie

Income: $9307.65

  • Refund from Shoreline School District of unspent donation dollars from 2017-2018 school year: $1637.05
  • Membership: pass through to WSPTA: $190, profit: $80
  • Fall fundraiser: $7530
  • Merchant rebates: $60.33 (Amazon)
  • Interest: $0.27


Expenses: $2597.94

  • Teacher grants: $500.79
  • Educational enrichment: $1020
  • Back to School BBQ: $571.53
  • Watch Dog pizza: $79.08
  • Staff lunch: $100
  • Paper for the school: $177.50
  • Bank fees: $149.04


Year to date income: $13,193.48

Year to date expenses: $3630.63

Motion to approve October budget – Kari

2nd – Michelle

All approve

Grant request –

Lydia has requested $100 to buy snacks for her classroom

Motion to approve grant – Stephanie

2nd – Michelle

Two abstentions

All others approve 

State of the School – Ann

Parkwood has three new staff members –

Stephanie Gwaltney – Resource room teacher

Christina Torres – Part-time Resource room teacher

Jennifer Eklund – Dean of Students

Ann led an Equity vs. Equality workshop and presentation that focused on understanding the differences between Equity and Equality, and Intent and Impact.

Math Olympiad – Michelle

Parkwood PTA decided not to participate in the Math Olympiad last year because we feel the current program is inequitable and unfair and does not match our vision and values.

The new Math Olympiad Coordinator reached out to us to talk about this year’s event. Michelle, Christina, and Ann met with the coordinator and some of the committee members but the committee is unwilling to make any changes to the event at this time.

Motion to vote on abstaining from the Math Olympiad event this year – Michelle

2nd – Amber

One abstention, all other approve

Parkwood may decide to start a math club but we will think about it and discuss this further. Kari, Michelle, and Christina volunteered to be on a Math Olympiad Committee.

Fall Fundraiser – Kari

Kari is sending out thank you notes on Monday

Harvest Dance – Amber

  • 11/16 – 6:30-8:30 pm. Items needed: toilet paper and paper towel tubes, string lights
  • Volunteers needed: High school volunteers (Ann will email Shorewood H.S. Honor society for volunteers), Watchdogs, popcorn person, craft table volunteers, wizard badges (Cody’s idea and she volunteered to make them)
  • Decided that PTA will cover costs as a thank you to community – $700 budget. Every child will receive a piece of pizza and popcorn and can participate in all the crafts/games one time at no cost. Extra food and bake sale items must be purchased.

Natural Leaders – Bridgette

  • After school program was nice. Enough jars for everyone
  • Heritage Night – call out to people to help out and participate
  • Upcoming events: Dia Del Nino, Carnival Night

Food Drive – Christina

Boxes needed (apple or paper) for December food drive

Round Table

Bridgette – Sandy Hook remembrance, hosted by Moms Demand Action, is next month. Can we host it at Parkwood? PTA secretary will email the PTA members in attendance at this meeting to vote on it

Marie – Parkwood Neighborhood Association monthly meeting is on 11/14 from 7-9 pm at Aegis Living. The Shoreline mayor and city manager will be speaking at the meeting

Christina – Book Fair is coming at end of November in the library

Adjourned – 9:44 pm

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PTA Meeting Minutes – October 11th, 2018

10/11/18- Thursday

PTA Meeting Notes

Attended by: Kim Smith, Mea Fishelis, Betty Mai, Katie Toth-Martin, Marie Ammerman, Inger M, Amanda G, Cody K, Sarah F, David D, Annie C, Heather Cimuchowski, Kari Thomas, Ann Torres, Christina Torres, Laina Alfarone, Lydia Kim, Stephanie Gwaltney, Brenda Brock

7:00- meeting called to order

Welcome and Introductions

Presentation of Minutes- Christy Torres

  • General meeting notes will be approved at next general meeting

Fall Fundraiser Report- Kari Thomas

  • Goal- $18,000. To date- $20, 637 Met and surpassed the goal!
  • Several larger donations. 101 overall donors, 2 business donations

Communication update- Kari Thomas

  • Now using MailChimp, now 633 contacts
  • 91 people have unsubscribed, 40 ‘cleaned,’ 38 added from kinder play date lists, 74 added from classroom communities, 40 added from class lists
  • People like the subject line “This Week at Parkwood” and they’re opening those emails more!
  • Able to email specific lists of people (Kinder parents, WatchDOGS)

Budget Update- Marie Ammerman

  • Income
    • Membership $1785 (most will be passed through WSPTA
    • Direct Donations- $225
    • Fall fundraiser- $2735
    • Merchant Rebates- $76.94
    • Interest: $0.16
  • Expenses
    • Teacher grants- $400
    • Tea and Tissues- $37.29
    • Fall fundraiser printing: $525.34
    • Membership drive printing: $33
    • Bank fees: $2.22

PTA and the Law- Marie Ammerman

  • Gambling events (raffles, bingo, etc) limited to 2 per year. Need permit if doing more than that.
  • Nobody under 18 can sell raffle tickets.
  • Handling open food products- anything that is not a potluck (such as and event where we serve pizza or baked goods), we need 1 person there with food handler permit
    • Officers get training for food handler permits?
  • Insurance- renewal date coming soon (Nov?). PTA should not pay directly for transportation per our insurance limitations. PTA should give grants to school- school arranges the details. Teachers should NOT specify transportation on the request for Enrichment funds.
  • PTA cannot specify use of funds for items that benefit a small number of people (ex: the Bereavement fund)

Board Members- Christy Torres

  • need to do PTA trainings (& food handler permit, if possible)
  • Secretary keeps records

Fall Dance- Christy Torres

  • Nov 16
  • Possible Harry Potter theme?
  • There will be a call out soon for volunteers.

Classroom Communities- Betty Mai

  • Harvest Party- Oct 31
  • Sign Up Genius can be used for all classroom communities events, has been successful in the past years at Parkwood
  • Monthly staff lunches- off to a great start! Staff appreciates them.

Staff Lunch- Christy Torres

  • Need a new volunteer to head this.
  • Sign up genius going out to parent volunteers for these (sign up for specific food items)

Enrichment- Christy Torres/Ann Torres

  • Pause on enrichment until modular classrooms are all set up and Before/After Care can move into that space. There isn’t room in the building to hold enrichment classes right now.

Natural Leaders- Christy Torres

  • Bridgette Shima is our school’s Natural Leader chair
  • Wed Oct 24- 1:30-3:30- After school special “Thankfulness”- multicultural event, movie and craft
  • Need empty 12-24 glass jars (mason jars)
  • Will include After Care kids (up to 72 kids on Wed)

Reflections- Kim Smith

  • 0 entries so far, Deadline Oct 31
  • Theme: Heroes Around Us
  • Link provides information (in most recent newsletter)
  • Next year, we could put the form about Reflections in the teacher beginning of the year packets that PTA compiles?

Legislation Chair- Christy Torres

  • we need a volunteer!
  • Can be done from home!
  • Will need to educate yourself about the legislation going on about education, read emails from the district PTA, then educate PTA about the info

The Works, Food Drive, Teen Gifts- Katie Toth-Marter

  • Food Drive: Dec 3-14 – Soups and more, Dec 15- distribution day for the district, need a few volunteers from Parkwood, Location TBD. Lydia Kim will ask for an older grade to volunteer to count (need older than 2nd graders). Dec 14- need volunteers after school to transport food!
  • The Works- new location at the Shoreline Center, north parking lot. Donations of clothes in good shape are always needed! Product (socks, etc?) drive at the school dance?
  • Teen Gift Cards needed (Menchies, Subway, or any other store a teen might like)- Collected on Dec 14 and transported (same time as food drive).
  • Katie needs another volunteer leader!

Meeting Feedback- Christy Torres

  • will be an email survey

State of the School- Ann Torres

  • Conference week is underway!
  • Next week- 6th grade camp.
  • Next year- will be 6th and 5th grade camp! (May be together, may be two different weeks)
  • Fundraising for 5th/6th camp- Will the garage sale happen in the spring? No volunteers to head this yet!
  • Move-A-Thon: coming up on Oct 31! Staff is working on logistics. Morning Move-A-Thon, Harvest Parties will accommodate this time.
  • Building is coming along and progress is happening! Groundbreaking Ceremony was a fun, positive experience.
  • Laminated building plans for new Parkwood and new Einstein schools are visible in lobby
  • Early Release days- staff is having district-directed development time, principal time (ex: this upcoming week – Ann leads the *whole staff* in a training on equity and equality in education), teacher individual/team time.
  • Transportation- pink stickers and the emailed link were effective! Kids knew their new routes on Monday. Gates being changed so that buses can loop around behind the school from west to east.
  • Assessments for 6th graders- hopefully will be mailed home as well as online access to scores.

Round Table

  • Need: new nets for soccer goals, basketball hoops. Request for district to purchase these is in the works.
  • Girls on the Run- Annette Campbell will be leading it, information is coming.
  • 162 members so far! Scholarships are available.

Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm

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PTA Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2018

Parkwood PTA meeting – September 13, 2018

Attendees:  Christina Torres, Julie Dragin, Kari Thomas, Kim Smith, Debbie Bergman, Ann Torres, Amanda Workman, Sara Kelly, Bridgette Shima, Cody Koenig, Inger Murdock, Marie Ammerman, Brenda Brock, Sarah Forrest, Annie Culliton, Andrea Krinke, David Drummond, Kathryn Carter, Michelle Morgan, Maria Calhoun

7:03 – meeting start time

Membership – Brenda

  • 108 PTA memberships so far (not including online)
  • $330 in scholarship money has been collected
  • $75 requested so far for scholarships

Fall Fundraiser – Kari

  • Goal is $18,000
  • Donation envelopes were sent home with students
  • About $1000 in online donations have come in so far

Christina read PTA Vision Statement

Budget – Christina and Marie

  • 2018-2019 budget was completed in June and has been updated
  • Leftover money from last year’s budget was earmarked for: Goodbye Parkwood party, Welcome Parkwood party 2019, School Play additional reimbursement, and Parkwood Mascot costume (which has been purchased by Dustin for $329). These additional four line items were added since June.

Motion to approve – Kari

2nd – Brenda

All approve

Upcoming Events:

Book Fair – How will book fair look this year with far fewer parents at school? Dates have not been set but we may consider having it during a conference week or during an evening event to increase parent participation. Will need to recruit volunteers to help out once dates are determined.

Harvest Dance – Scheduled for 11/16. David will help Amber with coordination and planning. Would like Watchdogs to help at dance as well.

Watchdog Pizza Night – Scheduled for 9/25 at 6:30 pm. Christina will check in with Che about it. Michelle will coordinate with Che about getting the flyer out to families. David will bring a printer to the event.

Picture Day – Scheduled for 9/20. Six volunteers are needed to help, both morning and afternoon shifts. Contact Lisa in the office for slot times. Volunteers receive a picture package for free for helping.

National PTA’s Reflections Program  – The flyer went out for the Reflections Art Contest. The theme this year is “Heroes Around Me”. The deadline for students to submit an original work of art (dance choreography, film, literature, music, photography, or visual arts) is 10/31/18.

Classroom Communities

  • Betty’s update – she does not think there is a need to collect contact data during curriculum night. Not much data is collected – so maybe we do not do it next year?

Enrichment – Michelle

  • Do we want to do a winter after school enrichment program? If so, we need to start planning for it. Options are limited on Wednesdays – maybe one sport and Japanese. There are space issues so fewer classes will be offered. We could do 1.5 hour classes on Wednesdays and 1 hour on other days. Kari may put a survey in the newsletter to ask about interest in after school classes.

Round Table

David – has been subbing around the school district and always compares Parkwood to other schools. He loves Parkwood!

Kari – asking how many volunteer forms have come in. Bridgette doesn’t know since she has not checked PTA box yet. Kari offers to pick up stuff from the box if needed since she is at school more often.

Sarah – concerned about bus transportation issues – overcrowded and lack of communication when issues arise

Bridgette – Suggests having a parent point person at each bus stop to communicate necessary information to other parents

Amanda – will ask teachers to turn in reimbursement forms

State of the School – Ann

Transportation – There has been a lot of frustration about the school bus routes since the school year began. Lots of complaints about communication lapses.

  • 300-350 kids are taking the bus to and from Parkwood each day
  • Staff is making sure all the kids get on the correct buses each day
  • Shortage of bus drivers in the district
  • There have been some complications – one bus broke down, another was rear ended, Route 117 was overcrowded and the solution did not come fast enough, many buses picked up students late today due to an accident on Aurora
  • Please reach out to the transportation department with your concerns
  • Robocalls regarding transportation issues will not go out unless the transportation department asks the school to send one out
  • Good idea to download the Shoreline School District App for district updates

6th Grade Camp – At Camp Seymour in mid-October. Scholarships for all chaperones.

Back to School BBQ Night – Feedback was good. It went well and so did the bus transportation.

Curriculum Night – Attendance was lower than usual. Split sessions went well but primary teachers had to stay too late because of lots of questions from parents.

HR Updates – Amanda Findlay resigned to accept a position at another school. We are currently working with interim subs until a replacement is found. Parkwood will be hiring a Dean (there will be dean positions for all elementary schools in Shoreline) who will look at culture/climate around school, student leadership roles, and ambassadors for families.

 Adjourned – 8:50 pm

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PTA Meeting Minutes – August 23, 2018

PTA Meeting

August 23, 2018 at 7:00pm

Notes taken by: Stephanie Gwaltney

In attendance: Bridgette Shima, Brenda Brock, Kari Thomas, Ann Torres, Christina Torres, David D., Marie Ammerman, Julie Dragin, Stephanie Gwaltney, Kathy Carter, Heather W., Meredith B., Mara C.

President calls meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Welcome and introductions around the table.

Budget- Treasurer will present budget in September.

Financial Review- completed this summer. Will be reviewed next month along with budget.

BBQ Update

  • Location- out on the playfield. BBQ on one side, info tables on the other. Kendra has organizations lined up to attend.
  • Watchdogs/Che are grilling. Expecting 700 people.
  • Need volunteers- to copy IDs for background check forms. Kari will include request for volunteers in email. Canopies and Coolers- Brenda and Kari will lend canopies. Borrow 2 printer/scanners- Kari has one we can use
  • Buses are running to and from BBQ- along normal bus routes, trial run for kids. Director of transportation will be at BBQ to answer questions.

Volunteers needed at the beginning of the school year:

  • Help at Parkwood before school year starts- lists from teachers. Friday afternoon (tomorrow 8/24) – volunteers needed to help after 11am (until around 4pm). No kids allowed, adults only.
  • Back to School Packets- Monday morning starting at 8am. Volunteers needed to assemble packets under directions
  • Tea & Tissues- Tuesday Sept 4 at 8:45am and 12:20pm. Christina can coordinate the afternoon, Bridgette and Brenda in the morning.
  • Curriculum Night (Sept 6)- Classroom Communities have met, working on speaking points for curriculum night. Each classroom needs 1 parent to speak.
  • Need more classroom parents for this year
  • Watchdogs- calling all men! Pizza Night coming up soon.

Membership- copies are made, envelopes are ordered. Scholarships are available.

Fall Fundraiser- Starts on Sept 6. Raising $18,000 is the goal. Kari will send updates out in Sunday evenings emails.

Children’s Center is offering just Wednesday early release care on site at schools. Parkwood will be at the Children’s Center for the first month until construction is finished. See district website for information.

Before and After Care- for the first month, Parkwood will be hosted at the Shoreline Center (kids will be bused from Shoreline Center to/from Parkwood) until the modular units can be relocated to the side of North City building.

Round Table: Meredith will head Reflections. David’s wife and Brenda will take over open auction positions. New Assistant Principal- Jennifer Eklund has started at Parkwood! PTA Board Members need to attend trainings- Secretaries will track fulfillment of training requirements. PTA Website will be updated soon. Saturday- Back to School Consortium at Ridgecrest for students who need school supplies.

8:04pm full meeting adjourned.

G-Suites & Email Accounts Trainings- Executive Board stayed until 8:58pm to receive training on G-Suites use and new communication protocols.



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Parkwood Back to School BBQ and Resource Fair

Join us on Monday, August 27, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. as we welcome new and current students to our temporary campus at North City Elementary School.

Students will be able to find out who their teachers will be for the year, meet them, visit their classrooms, and drop off school supplies.  A Potluck BBQ will immediately follow at 5 pm.  Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the first Parkwood event of the year!!

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