Treasurer position

Job responsibilites: Treasurer

  • Maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions
  • Chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the association
  • Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association
  • Prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report
  • Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates

This is a year round position.  As well as taking care of each of the responsibilities listed above, it is most beneficial if the Treasurer can be at all monthly PTA meetings, every community event that includes collecting of money, and available at least once a week to pick up money from the PTA lock box in the school office and deposit it at the bank.

Enrichment Chair position

Job Responsibilities: Enrichment

Role:  There are three roles with after school Enrichment.  One person can do them all or they can be split among a couple or three adults.

General responsibilities:

The first role is Vendor Liaison.  This person:

  • Communicates with vendors to get classes set and scheduled.
  • Sends out contracts to vendors
  • Makes registration and description forms, copies and distributes to teachers


August Schedule Fall classes with vendors, email contracts, make forms
September Distribute forms by third day of classes
November Schedule Winter classes
December Email contracts, make forms
January Distribute forms by first week of class
February Schedule Spring classes
March Email contracts, make forms, distribute forms


The second role is Enrichment Registrar.  This role can be filled in two ways.  Currently we have 6crickets set up as an outside vendor who manages all of our registration.  A PTA member still needs to supervise the scholarship program.

If we are not using them then someone needs to:

  • Collect forms and enter all names into spreadsheets
  • Communicate with Kendra about scholarships
  • Email families that have questions on their forms
  • Follow up with families that haven’t paid
  • Makes sure there is an adult volunteer for every paid class
  • Distribute rosters to vendors and adult volunteers
  • Follows up with Participation to adjust rosters during first couple weeks of class
  • Mail checks to vendors


September Collect forms, enter data, follow up with families and Kendra
October Email rosters
November Mail checks to vendors
January Collect forms, enter data, follow up with families and Kendra
February Email rosters, mail checks to vendors
March Collect forms, enter data, follow up with families and Kendra
April Email rosters
May Mail checks to vendors

The third role is Enrichment Participation.  This person:

  • Is on site at school every day by 3pm when there is an after school class(es)
  • Stays until end of class if adult volunteer is not there
  • Calls families if vendor cancels or no shows
  • Tracks kids who are extra or no show and communicates with Registrar
  • Gives feedback on teachers and adult volunteers to Vendor Liaison


October Be at classes
November Be at classes
December Be at classes
February Be at classes
March Be at classes
April Be at classes
May Be at classes
June Be at classes

Membership Chair position

Job Responsibilities: Membership

Role:  The Membership role accesses PT Avenue and enters all member info each month.  Also, Membership advertises the PTA and the benefits of joining.

General responsibilities:

  • Create PTA flyer
  • Order PTA envelopes (via district print center- tae.lee@shorelineschools.org )
  • Distribute copies of both flyer and envelope for the Back to School packets
  • Optional: write letter to local businesses and school board members inviting their membership in our PTA
  • Manage details of scholarship requests
  • Help with membership part of Fall Fundraiser
  • Enter individual membership info into PT Ave throughout the year
  • Possible membership drive? (**Need to come up with an equity plan in order to do this!**)
  • Assist the after school Enrichment Coordinator by checking parent volunteer names against membership roster
  • Assist the Treasurer by providing updated membership numbers as requested (to verify monthly invoices from WA PTA)
  • Respond to emails from WA PTA re: details of Parkwood membership. Include PTA President as needed.
  • As needed, respond to requests from office staff to answer parent questions about Parkwood PTA and membership details
  • End of Year PT Ave- close out Parkwood account for the year (before end of June)


August Order envelopes, create flyer, make copies of both, and help with Back to School packets
September Enter member info into PT Ave, help with Fall Fundraiser, send additional letters to school board and businesses, track scholarships
October- December Enter member info into PT Ave
January Enter member info into PT Ave, Membership drive??
February-May Enter member info into PT Ave
June Enter member info into PT Ave, EOY on PT Ave

Recommended:  Let the PTA President know if you need help!!


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Communications Chair position

Job Responsibilities: Parkwood PTA Communications

Role:  This is a year round position in charge of the Parkwood PTA’s e-communications.

Parkwood communications tools:

  • Email – managed by the PTA’s Communications volunteer (see responsibilities below)
  • Facebook and Twitter  – will be managed by another person.
  • Website – is managed by various other people.
  • Print pieces – we have had printed communications pieces in the past, but haven’t had them for a while; this could be picked up again as needed.
  • School Bulletin board – managed by various people.
  • School A-frames – don’t forget this tool. Can be utilized by anyone wanting to communicate to the parents who are dropping off and picking up. Typically displayed at either side of the school entrances.
  • School back-pack mail – managed by anyone who has something to communicate.

General responsibilities for PTA e-communications volunteer:

  • Work with classroom communities chair to put together school email list and gather/update this list at events at the beginning of the school year: Back to school BBQ; Tea and Tissue; Curriculum Night. Tool: shared file on dropbox folder [https://www.dropbox.com/home/Communications/Phone%20Directory]
  • Update master list as needed throughout the year and in collaboration with classroom communities chair.
  • From this list, manage email list and -especially at the beginning of the year- frequently upload new list on Vertical Response (our PTA e-service Provider)
  • Monitor bounced and unsubscribed emails in Vertical Response and update school email list after each email sent out.
  • Throughout the school year, this position will be in contact with most of the other PTA positions to gather news and info to be communicated to Parkwood families.
  • Create e-blasts to go to the PTA email list as needed.

    • At beginning of school year, we send out weekly eblasts, typically on Sunday night, with news for the next week.
    • During our ‘Invest In Parkwood Campaign’ at the beginning of the school year, a big part of the e-communications is the fundraising message! This typically has been done by the communications person, but could be separated out to a different person, who would have to work closely with the PTA communications person.
  • Communicate time sensitive and important info to PTA President for once a month news email that goes out to all school families (through the school email list).  This is new for 2017-18.


  • August/September/October: Weekly e-blasts (during Fall Fundraising Campaign (Invest In Parkwood Campaign) emails might be sent out daily, or every other day.)
  • November-June: E-blasts as needed; could be weekly or monthly; could be event specific.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that this position attends the monthly PTA meetings, as these meetings are where information, relevant to communications, is exchanged.


  • Expertise with Excel is needed.
  • Knowledge of working with e-service providesr (Vertical Response) is desirable, but can be learned easily.
  • Computer access a must.
  • Writing/communications skills preferable.