Parkwood Elementary has an active PTA, bringing volunteers and programs to our school that enrich our children’s education and promote positive home and school communication.

When you join the Parkwood PTA, thirty-five percent of your dues are transferred to the national and district PTA groups; the remainder goes into our general PTA fund. Being a part of national and district PTA groups allows our PTA to receive important updates on procedural and general operations that help our organization run smoothly.

Parkwood PTA is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization. We accept donations to the PTA, which are tax-deductible.

If you would like to become a member of the PTA, please read our membership letter and submit your payment online. You can also make a payment via cash or check and drop it off in the PTA mailbox in the school’s main office.

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Read below to find out more about the structure and history of the Parkwood PTA.

Parkwood PTA 2018-2019 Standing Rules:

  1. The name of this PTA local unit is Parkwood PTA, Inc. 6.12.55.
  2. This PTA serves the children in the community that includes the residences and businesses in the Parkwood Elementary School enrollment area.
  3. This PTA is registered with the Secretary of State under the Charitable Solicitations Act. The registration number is SHO-P88-320. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration.
  4. This PTA was incorporated as a non-profit corporation on March 1, 1980. It was assigned corporation number 2-297558-5. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual corporation report.  The registered agent for this corporation is the Washington State PTA.
  5. This PTA’s Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 91-xxxxxxx.
  6. This PTA was granted tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) on December 20,1999.
  7. The Treasurer is responsible for filing IRS Form 990 if that filing is required.
  8. The membership service fees for Parkwood PTA shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) per person or twenty five dollars ($25.00) per family.
  9. Non-voting memberships will be offered to local businesses.
  10. The students of Parkwood Elementary shall be considered honorary members of this unit without voice, vote or privilege of holding office.
  11. The elected officers of this PTA shall be the President(s), Vice President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer. These elected officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.
  12. Any elected position other than Treasurer may be held jointly by two (2) people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to voice and vote at a Board of Directors meeting.
  13. This PTA’s annual meeting will be held in the spring, but before June 30 for the purpose of electing the officers for the following year. (See Article XII, Section 1(a) of the Bylaws.)
  14. The Board of Directors of Parkwood PTA shall consist of the elected officers, Principal(s), Teacher Representative(s), and the Chairperson(s) of Membership, Legislation, Student Enrichment, Community/School Services, Health and Safety, Communication, Ways and Means, and Family Activities committees. All members of the Board of Directors must be members of the PTA organization.  The Prinicpal(s) is a nonvoting member of the Board of Directors.
  15. The General Membership meetings of this unit shall be held in Fall (to adopt the annual budget and approve the Standing Rules), Winter (to approve the nominating committee and review the budget) and Spring (to install officers and vote on interim budget).
  16. Parkwood PTA Board of Directors will meet every month or every other month throughout the fiscal year (from July through June).
  17. This PTA shall keep at least two (2) copies of its legal documents in separate locations: one with the Treasurer and one with the Secretary. The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining the original copies and providing updated copies to the Secretary.
  18. The annual budget shall be prepared by the Treasurer and Executive Committee and presented to the membership at the first general meeting of the year. The financial records shall be audited at the close of each PTA year by a committee appointed by the President.  An interim budget shall be approved at the close of each PTA year and will be in effect until the new year’s budget can be approved in September.
  19. Allocations within approved budget lines for $500 or less may be authorized by two (2) Board members no more than two times outside of Board meetings. Board approvals shall be documented in the minutes of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  20. The signatures of the Treasurer and either the President(s) or Board Members, as approved by the membership, shall be on the authorized signature card for this PTA’s bank account.
  21. One or more Golden Acorn Award(s) shall be presented annually to an outstanding volunteer(s). A committee appointed by the President(s) shall select the recipient(s). The Board of Directors shall determine the number of recipients.
  22. Voting delegates to the Shoreline PTA/PTSA Council shall be the President and three (3) authorized delegates of this unit, two (2) of whom may be represented by alternates. (See Article V, Section 6(d) of the Bylaws.)
  23. The vote of this PTA for the position of Washington State Region Director shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  24. The voting delegate to the annual State PTA convention shall be chosen by the Executive Committee upon election of the new officers. (See Article XIII, Section 2(b) of the Bylaws.)
  25. The Legislative Chairperson shall be the voting delegate to the Legislative Assembly unless otherwise designated by the Board.
  26. The Standing Rules shall be adopted annually by a majority vote at the first general membership meeting of the year.
  27. The Standing Rules may be amended by a quorum at any regular general membership meeting. The quorum for general membership meetings shall be ten (10). (See Article XII, Section 1(c) of the Bylaws.)
  28. Parliamentary authority shall be “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.”