PTA Meeting Minutes – 5/9/19 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA Meeting May 9, 2019 Parkwood North City Library 7:00PM

1. Welcome – Introductions around the room

2. Treasurer report – see attached Executive Summary

1. Question on whether Rassmussen was included in the field trip grant

3. Talent Show auditions being held 5/13

4. Auction

  • 1. Raffle baskets are coming along. 3rd-6th grade basket could be filled out a bit more.
  • 2. Baskets will be on display in the office May 2th-May 31st
  • 3. Suggestions on what the fund-a-need should be are welcome

5. Yearbook order forms have been sent out

  • 1. There was a question on how to donate money towards buying yearbooks for other in the school. It was thought there was a big pool of money from past years that will be used for that.

6. Open positions for next year that people have volunteered for. Elections will be held at the next PTA meeting

  • 1. president- Christina Torres
  • 2. co-president- Kari Thomas (also taking Fundraising Chair)
  • 3. treasurer- Marie
  • 4. Vice president- Sarah Forest
  • 5. Secretary- Brenda Brock
  • 6. Co secretary- Amanda Galuska
  • 7. PTA teacher rep- Lydia Kim

7. There is a PTA council training May 20th 6:30pm at Meridian Park. Required for anyone on the PTA board.

8. Math Olympiad

  • 1. Looking for a coach for next years team. Season typically runs October to March, with the competition on the closest day possible to 3/14. Would need to be available 2 days a week for 1 hour sessions after school
  • 2. Amanda is going to look into what the going rate to hire someone for this position would be

9. Sarah and Heather with the legislation re-cap 1. Special Education funding is still lacking. Please share stories with the PTA council that can be used to help get more funding


Amanda- School Supply website goes live May 27th. Kits will be sold May 27- June 14th and passed out to students during the back-to-school BBQ

Kari-Volunteer spreadsheet created at the beginning of the year not a successful as everyone hoped. Some other ideas came up to helping recruit volunteers 2. Ask face to face 3. Create committees for each project needed Website needs to be updated. Amanda said she would help. Online calendar dates are incorrect.

Betty- Classroom communities looking for a replacement. Betty would like to start training her replacement

Mia- 6th grade slide show. Looking for photos of 6th graders to add from all their years at Parkwood

Christie- What do teachers do with extra class photos they receive? There are not enough to give to every student that may be missing one. 1. Should the PTA buy enough extra so that every child gets one? 2. Should the PTA buy enough yearbooks for every child has one of those instead? 3. Do the yearbooks have the class photos in them?

State of the School

  • 1. Tentative date of the Back To School BBQ is Aug 29.
  • 1. Maybe a committee should be created to organize it?
  • a. Kari, Marie and Amanda all volunteered
  • 2. The new Playground has been ordered. It will be covered in rubber bits instead of woodchips to make the playground more inclusive. Space has been created to where more equipment can be added at a later date if funds are raised to add it.
  • 3. 3 new teachers are going to be hired to help comply with the small class sizes funding. a. 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers b. Emily Thomas will not be returning to Parkwood Elementary next year
  • 4. There are 2 guaranteed Kindergarten classes at Parkwood Elementary next year. A possible 3rd K class will be added or a 4th 1st grade class will be added, depending on how many 1st grade children there will be. This is to comply with the new class size requirement
  • 8:52 Meeting Adjourned
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