PTA Meeting Minutes – 4/11/19 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA Board Meeting April 11/2019

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM

Updates: Awards: have been decided and will be announced at the May 2nd Assembly

Auction: Signed up for an Auction Website – Aucturia at the minimum cost May 20th to May 24 some of the items will be on-site plus 7 of the baskets The children’s artwork will be displayed Basket bins will be put out on Monday. Need ideas for fund-a-need Ann wanted to wait until closer to the date to decide on the fund a need but we need to know by May 19th

3rd Grade Request: Diane Hertzberg and Kristen Mesler attended the meeting to request additional money for the 3rd grade students. They asked for $1200 for the culmination event for the social studies unit. They would like to take the students to Blake Island – 91 students, 4 classes – Hertzberg, Iverson, Rasmussen and Mesler. Usually the 3rd participates in a Potlach but the family that usually performs at the event and leads a participatory Native American Dance and ceremony has moved and are unable to do the Potlach. The teachers found out when it was too late to make adjustment to the program. This is a one-time request. The request was tabled until after the treasurer report.

Treasurer Report: Marie passed out the executive summary which was then reviewed and discussed. It was noted that we would not have to pull from the reserves to fund the 3rd grade grant request since we have not spent all the money in this this year’s budget. Returned to 3rd Grade Request: Kari Thomas motioned to allocated $1200 from the 2018-2019 year unspent income for a one-time grant for the 3rd grade Potlach. Brenda Brock 2nd the motion. Motion approved with one abstention (Ms. Kim).

Teacher Appreciation: Amanda Galuska is the lead on teacher appreciation week. May 6th to 10th. She passed out a flyer for review. Inger will help Amanda with the list of teachers.

My Favorite Things List: Amanda Galuska is leading this – a list of things that teachers need. She will set up a google form and send it to Lisa and Inger so they can send it to the teacher.

Kinder Play dates: Need volunteers for Twin ponds play dates 4 dates: July 16th 4PM to 6PM July 27th 10 AM to 12 PM August 7 4 PM to 6PM August 17 10 AM to 12 PM Christina and Kari will be merging Kindergarten email lists

Natural Leaders: Doing and event information TBD Enrichment: No new updates

Yearbook: in the works

Play: Is coming along

Math Olympiad: Since Math Olympiad is making reforms the board needs to think about setting a program for next year.

School Supplies: Amanda Galuska presented information to the board. The deadline for orders would have to be June 15th. There is no cost difference between ordering on line and with an paper order form. More discussion followed. Amanda is moving forward and will have to work out shipping with Lisa especially with the move to the new building.

Round Table: Sarah: Brought up idea of giving each kid a $10.00 voucher for the bookfair. Added to budget committees meeting Legislation: The state budget is coming up and people need to speak up about the importance of funding education as the budget is falling short in different areas including special education. Also lifting the lids on the levies. We should all contact our legislatures.

Kindergarten enrollment: As of now we have 3 ½ kindergarten classes. At some point kids are not guaranteed to be at their home school or at the school in the district area. Late registrations may end up at North city instead of Parkwood or Meridian Park.

Budget: A Request was made to add an annual grant for Physical Education in the budget. Also, 2 grant requests for music. On March 19th the Executive Board unanimously approved a $500 grant to be used for microphones and a $1,000 grant to be used per PTA approval.

Newsletter: Please send Kari any information that should be included in the newsletter. Please send any information to

Marie: Parkwood Neighborhood Association is doing a Trash Walk on May 4, 2019 at Twins Pond Park.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:51 PM

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