PTA Meeting Minutes – 3/14/19 (DRAFT)

PTA Minutes March General Membership Meeting 7:07

the meeting was called to order Secretary – No report, minutes from the September General Membership meeting were approved as written

Treasurer Report – The monthly report was distributed and discussed, 3rd grade maybe asking for more money since the family that has long did the Potlach cannot do it this year Scholarship for the Play are projected at $2500 We have not paid anything for the speakers, we may give money for the Author that is coming to speak as a Library speaker. Ann will ask Lisa about the fall speaker Discussion followed regarding 6th grade camp and how much money we can give this year. We did not spend any money for the 2018 6th grade camp so that money will be encumbered for next year is the school needs it since it is sending both 5th and 6th grades to camp next year. Further discussion was tabled until June.

New grants: The Executive board was approached regarding the Global Reading challenge to get t-shirts as they won this year. The Executive board approved $100 on March 15th.

Kathy Carter was asked for the money that was not spent last year, $300, for the play to be spent this year. The money was encumbered from last year the money can be moved from last year to this year.

Carl Yost has asked for a grant to purchase sound and lighting equipment. Total costs for the equipment are $1547.99 Ann is going to meet with the architect for the new building to make sure that nothing he is requesting would already be in the new building. Discussion followed. A motion was made by Mea Fischelis to use $1,000 of the current reserves for a grant to the Music Department for this year. The Final purchases must be approved by the Executive Board. Kari Thomas Second the motion. The motion passed with 8 yeses and 2 abstentions. David Drummond agreed to communicate with Carl and work with him on the final list of equipment to be purchased.

Reports: Michelle Morgan reported that the planning for enrichment has begun for next year. This year the only class that was offered was the Play.

Pictures are needed for the yearbook. Parents should send pictures to Michelle and teachers should end photos to Roseanne.

There may be an Art Dosa next year, Julie White.

Brenda Bock reported on the auction All procurement letters have gone out, Annie Drummond is on top of the procurement Letters have gone to all teachers. May 1st is the deadline for submissions by the teachers. Possible on-line Auction this year, one time for this year given that so many families are not coming to the school. The cost would $100 to $225 Help is needed for the baskets since we are losing Stephanie. Discussion Followed

Kari Thomas reminded everyone to email newsletter items to her.

Original works is going out soon.

Play is going well, one school show and two evening shows.

Christina reminded everyone about the awards coming up Golden Acorn Golden Apple Classified Staff Community Advocate The committee is Amanda, Mea, Bridget, Christina Christina to find the form and send it out.

Staff Appreciation needs a lead. The dates are May 6-10.

The standing rules were reviewed. The vacant positions for next year for the board are Secretary Vice President Vice President

State of the School: Shoreline schools is reducing class sizes to 20 kids in grades K-3. Most schools will be moving their Kindergarten classes to either Meridian Park or North City. Parkwood may not be affected by this as there are enough classrooms at the new school to accommodate the number of Kindergarteners that have registered to date. If the enrollment far exceeds the number of current registrations, then some kindergarteners may have to be placed in a classroom at Meridian Park. Final placements will be determined closer to the start of the school year.

Meeting was adjourned.

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