PTA Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2018

Parkwood PTA meeting – November 8, 2018

Attendees:  Christina Torres, Julie Dragin, Kari Thomas, Ann Torres, Bridgette Shima, Cody Koenig, Inger Murdock, Marie Ammerman, David Drummond, Michelle Morgan, Jennifer Eklund, Stephanie Gwaltney, Amanda Galuska, Lydia Kim, Amber Tolbert, Meredith Bane

7:03 – meeting start time

Budget – Marie

Income: $9307.65

  • Refund from Shoreline School District of unspent donation dollars from 2017-2018 school year: $1637.05
  • Membership: pass through to WSPTA: $190, profit: $80
  • Fall fundraiser: $7530
  • Merchant rebates: $60.33 (Amazon)
  • Interest: $0.27


Expenses: $2597.94

  • Teacher grants: $500.79
  • Educational enrichment: $1020
  • Back to School BBQ: $571.53
  • Watch Dog pizza: $79.08
  • Staff lunch: $100
  • Paper for the school: $177.50
  • Bank fees: $149.04


Year to date income: $13,193.48

Year to date expenses: $3630.63

Motion to approve October budget – Kari

2nd – Michelle

All approve

Grant request –

Lydia has requested $100 to buy snacks for her classroom

Motion to approve grant – Stephanie

2nd – Michelle

Two abstentions

All others approve 

State of the School – Ann

Parkwood has three new staff members –

Stephanie Gwaltney – Resource room teacher

Christina Torres – Part-time Resource room teacher

Jennifer Eklund – Dean of Students

Ann led an Equity vs. Equality workshop and presentation that focused on understanding the differences between Equity and Equality, and Intent and Impact.

Math Olympiad – Michelle

Parkwood PTA decided not to participate in the Math Olympiad last year because we feel the current program is inequitable and unfair and does not match our vision and values.

The new Math Olympiad Coordinator reached out to us to talk about this year’s event. Michelle, Christina, and Ann met with the coordinator and some of the committee members but the committee is unwilling to make any changes to the event at this time.

Motion to vote on abstaining from the Math Olympiad event this year – Michelle

2nd – Amber

One abstention, all other approve

Parkwood may decide to start a math club but we will think about it and discuss this further. Kari, Michelle, and Christina volunteered to be on a Math Olympiad Committee.

Fall Fundraiser – Kari

Kari is sending out thank you notes on Monday

Harvest Dance – Amber

  • 11/16 – 6:30-8:30 pm. Items needed: toilet paper and paper towel tubes, string lights
  • Volunteers needed: High school volunteers (Ann will email Shorewood H.S. Honor society for volunteers), Watchdogs, popcorn person, craft table volunteers, wizard badges (Cody’s idea and she volunteered to make them)
  • Decided that PTA will cover costs as a thank you to community – $700 budget. Every child will receive a piece of pizza and popcorn and can participate in all the crafts/games one time at no cost. Extra food and bake sale items must be purchased.

Natural Leaders – Bridgette

  • After school program was nice. Enough jars for everyone
  • Heritage Night – call out to people to help out and participate
  • Upcoming events: Dia Del Nino, Carnival Night

Food Drive – Christina

Boxes needed (apple or paper) for December food drive

Round Table

Bridgette – Sandy Hook remembrance, hosted by Moms Demand Action, is next month. Can we host it at Parkwood? PTA secretary will email the PTA members in attendance at this meeting to vote on it

Marie – Parkwood Neighborhood Association monthly meeting is on 11/14 from 7-9 pm at Aegis Living. The Shoreline mayor and city manager will be speaking at the meeting

Christina – Book Fair is coming at end of November in the library

Adjourned – 9:44 pm

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