PTA Meeting Minutes – October 11th, 2018 (DRAFT)

10/11/18- Thursday

PTA Meeting Notes

Attended by: Kim Smith, Mea Fishelis, Betty Mai, Katie Toth-Martin, Marie Ammerman, Inger M, Amanda G, Cody K, Sarah F, David D, Annie C, Heather Cimuchowski, Kari Thomas, Ann Torres, Christina Torres, Laina Alfarone, Lydia Kim, Stephanie Gwaltney, Brenda Brock

7:00- meeting called to order

Welcome and Introductions

Presentation of Minutes- Christy Torres

  • General meeting notes will be approved at next general meeting

Fall Fundraiser Report- Kari Thomas

  • Goal- $18,000. To date- $20, 637 Met and surpassed the goal!
  • Several larger donations. 101 overall donors, 2 business donations

Communication update- Kari Thomas

  • Now using MailChimp, now 633 contacts
  • 91 people have unsubscribed, 40 ‘cleaned,’ 38 added from kinder play date lists, 74 added from classroom communities, 40 added from class lists
  • People like the subject line “This Week at Parkwood” and they’re opening those emails more!
  • Able to email specific lists of people (Kinder parents, WatchDOGS)

Budget Update- Marie Ammerman

  • Income
    • Membership $1785 (most will be passed through WSPTA
    • Direct Donations- $225
    • Fall fundraiser- $2735
    • Merchant Rebates- $76.94
    • Interest: $0.16
  • Expenses
    • Teacher grants- $400
    • Tea and Tissues- $37.29
    • Fall fundraiser printing: $525.34
    • Membership drive printing: $33
    • Bank fees: $2.22

PTA and the Law- Marie Ammerman

  • Gambling events (raffles, bingo, etc) limited to 2 per year. Need permit if doing more than that.
  • Nobody under 18 can sell raffle tickets.
  • Handling open food products- anything that is not a potluck (such as and event where we serve pizza or baked goods), we need 1 person there with food handler permit
    • Officers get training for food handler permits?
  • Insurance- renewal date coming soon (Nov?). PTA should not pay directly for transportation per our insurance limitations. PTA should give grants to school- school arranges the details. Teachers should NOT specify transportation on the request for Enrichment funds.
  • PTA cannot specify use of funds for items that benefit a small number of people (ex: the Bereavement fund)

Board Members- Christy Torres

  • need to do PTA trainings (& food handler permit, if possible)
  • Secretary keeps records

Fall Dance- Christy Torres

  • Nov 16
  • Possible Harry Potter theme?
  • There will be a call out soon for volunteers.

Classroom Communities- Betty Mai

  • Harvest Party- Oct 31
  • Sign Up Genius can be used for all classroom communities events, has been successful in the past years at Parkwood
  • Monthly staff lunches- off to a great start! Staff appreciates them.

Staff Lunch- Christy Torres

  • Need a new volunteer to head this.
  • Sign up genius going out to parent volunteers for these (sign up for specific food items)

Enrichment- Christy Torres/Ann Torres

  • Pause on enrichment until modular classrooms are all set up and Before/After Care can move into that space. There isn’t room in the building to hold enrichment classes right now.

Natural Leaders- Christy Torres

  • Bridgette Shima is our school’s Natural Leader chair
  • Wed Oct 24- 1:30-3:30- After school special “Thankfulness”- multicultural event, movie and craft
  • Need empty 12-24 glass jars (mason jars)
  • Will include After Care kids (up to 72 kids on Wed)

Reflections- Kim Smith

  • 0 entries so far, Deadline Oct 31
  • Theme: Heroes Around Us
  • Link provides information (in most recent newsletter)
  • Next year, we could put the form about Reflections in the teacher beginning of the year packets that PTA compiles?

Legislation Chair- Christy Torres

  • we need a volunteer!
  • Can be done from home!
  • Will need to educate yourself about the legislation going on about education, read emails from the district PTA, then educate PTA about the info

The Works, Food Drive, Teen Gifts- Katie Toth-Marter

  • Food Drive: Dec 3-14 – Soups and more, Dec 15- distribution day for the district, need a few volunteers from Parkwood, Location TBD. Lydia Kim will ask for an older grade to volunteer to count (need older than 2nd graders). Dec 14- need volunteers after school to transport food!
  • The Works- new location at the Shoreline Center, north parking lot. Donations of clothes in good shape are always needed! Product (socks, etc?) drive at the school dance?
  • Teen Gift Cards needed (Menchies, Subway, or any other store a teen might like)- Collected on Dec 14 and transported (same time as food drive).
  • Katie needs another volunteer leader!

Meeting Feedback- Christy Torres

  • will be an email survey

State of the School- Ann Torres

  • Conference week is underway!
  • Next week- 6th grade camp.
  • Next year- will be 6th and 5th grade camp! (May be together, may be two different weeks)
  • Fundraising for 5th/6th camp- Will the garage sale happen in the spring? No volunteers to head this yet!
  • Move-A-Thon: coming up on Oct 31! Staff is working on logistics. Morning Move-A-Thon, Harvest Parties will accommodate this time.
  • Building is coming along and progress is happening! Groundbreaking Ceremony was a fun, positive experience.
  • Laminated building plans for new Parkwood and new Einstein schools are visible in lobby
  • Early Release days- staff is having district-directed development time, principal time (ex: this upcoming week – Ann leads the *whole staff* in a training on equity and equality in education), teacher individual/team time.
  • Transportation- pink stickers and the emailed link were effective! Kids knew their new routes on Monday. Gates being changed so that buses can loop around behind the school from west to east.
  • Assessments for 6th graders- hopefully will be mailed home as well as online access to scores.

Round Table

  • Need: new nets for soccer goals, basketball hoops. Request for district to purchase these is in the works.
  • Girls on the Run- Annette Campbell will be leading it, information is coming.
  • 162 members so far! Scholarships are available.

Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm

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