PTA Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2018 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA meeting – September 13, 2018

Attendees:  Christina Torres, Julie Dragin, Kari Thomas, Kim Smith, Debbie Bergman, Ann Torres, Amanda Workman, Sara Kelly, Bridgette Shima, Cody Koenig, Inger Murdock, Marie Ammerman, Brenda Brock, Sarah Forrest, Annie Culliton, Andrea Krinke, David Drummond, Kathryn Carter, Michelle Morgan, Maria Calhoun

7:03 – meeting start time

Membership – Brenda

  • 108 PTA memberships so far (not including online)
  • $330 in scholarship money has been collected
  • $75 requested so far for scholarships

Fall Fundraiser – Kari

  • Goal is $18,000
  • Donation envelopes were sent home with students
  • About $1000 in online donations have come in so far

Christina read PTA Vision Statement

Budget – Christina and Marie

  • 2018-2019 budget was completed in June and has been updated
  • Leftover money from last year’s budget was earmarked for: Goodbye Parkwood party, Welcome Parkwood party 2019, School Play additional reimbursement, and Parkwood Mascot costume (which has been purchased by Dustin for $329). These additional four line items were added since June.

Motion to approve – Kari

2nd – Brenda

All approve

Upcoming Events:

Book Fair – How will book fair look this year with far fewer parents at school? Dates have not been set but we may consider having it during a conference week or during an evening event to increase parent participation. Will need to recruit volunteers to help out once dates are determined.

Harvest Dance – Scheduled for 11/16. David will help Amber with coordination and planning. Would like Watchdogs to help at dance as well.

Watchdog Pizza Night – Scheduled for 9/25 at 6:30 pm. Christina will check in with Che about it. Michelle will coordinate with Che about getting the flyer out to families. David will bring a printer to the event.

Picture Day – Scheduled for 9/20. Six volunteers are needed to help, both morning and afternoon shifts. Contact Lisa in the office for slot times. Volunteers receive a picture package for free for helping.

National PTA’s Reflections Program  – The flyer went out for the Reflections Art Contest. The theme this year is “Heroes Around Me”. The deadline for students to submit an original work of art (dance choreography, film, literature, music, photography, or visual arts) is 10/31/18.

Classroom Communities

  • Betty’s update – she does not think there is a need to collect contact data during curriculum night. Not much data is collected – so maybe we do not do it next year?

Enrichment – Michelle

  • Do we want to do a winter after school enrichment program? If so, we need to start planning for it. Options are limited on Wednesdays – maybe one sport and Japanese. There are space issues so fewer classes will be offered. We could do 1.5 hour classes on Wednesdays and 1 hour on other days. Kari may put a survey in the newsletter to ask about interest in after school classes.

Round Table

David – has been subbing around the school district and always compares Parkwood to other schools. He loves Parkwood!

Kari – asking how many volunteer forms have come in. Bridgette doesn’t know since she has not checked PTA box yet. Kari offers to pick up stuff from the box if needed since she is at school more often.

Sarah – concerned about bus transportation issues – overcrowded and lack of communication when issues arise

Bridgette – Suggests having a parent point person at each bus stop to communicate necessary information to other parents

Amanda – will ask teachers to turn in reimbursement forms

State of the School – Ann

Transportation – There has been a lot of frustration about the school bus routes since the school year began. Lots of complaints about communication lapses.

  • 300-350 kids are taking the bus to and from Parkwood each day
  • Staff is making sure all the kids get on the correct buses each day
  • Shortage of bus drivers in the district
  • There have been some complications – one bus broke down, another was rear ended, Route 117 was overcrowded and the solution did not come fast enough, many buses picked up students late today due to an accident on Aurora
  • Please reach out to the transportation department with your concerns
  • Robocalls regarding transportation issues will not go out unless the transportation department asks the school to send one out
  • Good idea to download the Shoreline School District App for district updates

6th Grade Camp – At Camp Seymour in mid-October. Scholarships for all chaperones.

Back to School BBQ Night – Feedback was good. It went well and so did the bus transportation.

Curriculum Night – Attendance was lower than usual. Split sessions went well but primary teachers had to stay too late because of lots of questions from parents.

HR Updates – Amanda Findlay resigned to accept a position at another school. We are currently working with interim subs until a replacement is found. Parkwood will be hiring a Dean (there will be dean positions for all elementary schools in Shoreline) who will look at culture/climate around school, student leadership roles, and ambassadors for families.

 Adjourned – 8:50 pm

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