PTA Meeting Minutes – August 23, 2018

PTA Meeting

August 23, 2018 at 7:00pm

Notes taken by: Stephanie Gwaltney

In attendance: Bridgette Shima, Brenda Brock, Kari Thomas, Ann Torres, Christina Torres, David D., Marie Ammerman, Julie Dragin, Stephanie Gwaltney, Kathy Carter, Heather W., Meredith B., Mara C.

President calls meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Welcome and introductions around the table.

Budget- Treasurer will present budget in September.

Financial Review- completed this summer. Will be reviewed next month along with budget.

BBQ Update

  • Location- out on the playfield. BBQ on one side, info tables on the other. Kendra has organizations lined up to attend.
  • Watchdogs/Che are grilling. Expecting 700 people.
  • Need volunteers- to copy IDs for background check forms. Kari will include request for volunteers in email. Canopies and Coolers- Brenda and Kari will lend canopies. Borrow 2 printer/scanners- Kari has one we can use
  • Buses are running to and from BBQ- along normal bus routes, trial run for kids. Director of transportation will be at BBQ to answer questions.

Volunteers needed at the beginning of the school year:

  • Help at Parkwood before school year starts- lists from teachers. Friday afternoon (tomorrow 8/24) – volunteers needed to help after 11am (until around 4pm). No kids allowed, adults only.
  • Back to School Packets- Monday morning starting at 8am. Volunteers needed to assemble packets under directions
  • Tea & Tissues- Tuesday Sept 4 at 8:45am and 12:20pm. Christina can coordinate the afternoon, Bridgette and Brenda in the morning.
  • Curriculum Night (Sept 6)- Classroom Communities have met, working on speaking points for curriculum night. Each classroom needs 1 parent to speak.
  • Need more classroom parents for this year
  • Watchdogs- calling all men! Pizza Night coming up soon.

Membership- copies are made, envelopes are ordered. Scholarships are available.

Fall Fundraiser- Starts on Sept 6. Raising $18,000 is the goal. Kari will send updates out in Sunday evenings emails.

Children’s Center is offering just Wednesday early release care on site at schools. Parkwood will be at the Children’s Center for the first month until construction is finished. See district website for information.

Before and After Care- for the first month, Parkwood will be hosted at the Shoreline Center (kids will be bused from Shoreline Center to/from Parkwood) until the modular units can be relocated to the side of North City building.

Round Table: Meredith will head Reflections. David’s wife and Brenda will take over open auction positions. New Assistant Principal- Jennifer Eklund has started at Parkwood! PTA Board Members need to attend trainings- Secretaries will track fulfillment of training requirements. PTA Website will be updated soon. Saturday- Back to School Consortium at Ridgecrest for students who need school supplies.

8:04pm full meeting adjourned.

G-Suites & Email Accounts Trainings- Executive Board stayed until 8:58pm to receive training on G-Suites use and new communication protocols.



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