PTA Meeting Minutes – May 10, 2018

Parkwood PTA meeting – May 10, 2018

Attendees:  Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Julie Dragin, Ann Torres, Mea Fischelis, Mary Anne Thomas, Michelle Morgan, David Drummond, Kari Thomas

7:08 – meeting start time

Budget – Christina

  • As of now, expenses good, spent slightly less than we made last year
  • Expenses for 2018-2019 year will stay the same for now. Once money comes in from auction, we’ll look at this again
  • Grant was paid to Kathy for play
  • Emergency kit money was spent
  • Board confirmed that $1000 was set aside from the 2015-2016 year for the yearbook. The $1000 was a donation made by a parent specifically for the yearbook. This amount was missed on the budget sheet and Christina will add the amount to the budget sheet. It was agreed that the yearbook should have a scholarship line item of $500. The $500 will not need to be added to the budget until the $1000 encumbered funds is equal or below $500.

Kari – Motion to approve

Michelle – 2nd

All approve

Debbie – April minutes stand as approved

Nominating Committee

  • President – Christina
  • VP’s – Kari and Michelle


    • Treasurer – still open
  • Secretary – Stephanie and Julie
  • Communications Coordinator – Kari
  • Membership – still open
  • Enrichment – Michelle still willing to stay in this position
  • Auction – still open 

After School Enrichment at North City – Michelle

  • YMCA will have after school programs at each school in Shoreline every day of the week. These will be more expensive then the enrichment classes currently offered.
  • Decided we may not have enrichment classes in fall and we’ll see how many students enroll in the Y classes

 Science Night – feedback

  • Mea loved STEM classes, fun way to engage kids
  • Cafeteria was a little cramped with projects
  • Ann received lots of positive feedback
  • Whole families more engaged, not just for kids

Original Works

  • Money has not been paid to vendor yet

Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Is this week and going well 

SBAC Testing – Ann

  • Going really well so far and halfway through testing period
  • Enough snacks this year so far

Auction/Talent Show – Kari

  • We have 80 items and need about 140 total
  • More items needed for baskets
  • Volunteers needed to sell raffle tix
  • Posters needed around the school to advertise auction
  • Bidding sheets need to be set up the Friday before Memorial Day weekend
  • Talent show – 12 acts signed up so far
  • Discussion about creating a video and showing it during the talent show break. The video/slideshow would highlight all the ways the PTA helps the school and what the auction money is used for

End of Year Parkwood Party 

  • Planning going well
  • A lot of publicity will happen one month before the event
  • Next meeting on Monday
  • A motion by Mea that $500 be taken out of the budget reserves for Parkwood Party expenses. Kari – 2nd.  All approve

Parkwood Market

  • Only 7 stalls sold so far and we need more stalls purchased
  • 6th graders will talk to 5th graders this week about getting involved and helping with the market
  • Three hour custodial fee to provide bathroom access is $158
  • Some flyers have been posted but we need more posted before event

State of School – Ann

  • Transportation – school bus transportation is for all students who live more than 1 mile from school, which will be all students next year at North City. Bus numbers and routes will be available online in August. Patrols cannot ride the bus. Patrol information will be going out soon.

Round Table:

Christina – who will take the Parkwood PTA stuff home over the summer? There are two cabinets full of things. After the auction we should disperse it and take it away


Mary Ann – wanted to clarify that it is not mandatory for each classroom to create an art project for the auction


Michelle – wants to use $150 of yearbook money for 6th grade scholarships



Adjourned – 9:03 pm

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