April meeting minutes

Parkwood PTA meeting – April 12, 2018
Attendees: Betty Mai, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Julie Dragin, Ann
Torres, Mea Fischelis, Mary Anne Thomas, Bridgette Shima, Marie Ammerman, Michelle
Morgan, Heather Cimuchowski
7:04 – meeting start time
Christina – Budget
 Original works money is coming in
 Internet safety speaker paid
 Scholarships for enrichment classes – Debbie and Michelle will figure out how much is
left to support scholarships for spring classes
 We will accept teacher grant requests until 4/27
 Budget committee will meet to plan budget for next year – Christina, Mea, Debbie, and
Kathy – Motion to approve
Mea – 2 nd
All approve
Debbie – March minutes stand as approved
Nominating Committee
 Brenda Brock will be the Membership Coordinator next school year. We have some
interest in the treasurer position. We still need someone to be the auction co-
coordinator with Kari next year
Kathy – School Play
 Play went really well
 David Drummond, Mr. Yost, and the parent volunteer were very helpful. Maybe add a
stage manager volunteer next year
 40 students participated. May limit the play to 4 th -6 th graders next year to have more
manageable class size
Ann – Science Night
 This year will be a family engagement STEM night which will include the 5 th grade
science fair, science stations in classrooms, and the book fair
 Ms. Pembrooke will need $200 of the $600 budget for the 5 th grade project

Michelle – Enrichment
 Spots are filling up for spring classes. Minecraft instructors will bring computers
 Yearbook forms are due. Remind teachers to get forms in. Only five 6 th graders have
submitted forms
 Safety bins were completed yesterday. All (almost) expired stuff is going to Union
Gospel Mission
PTA Recognition Dinner
 The dinner is on 4/26. We are having a volunteer recognition assembly the same day at
Dia Del Nino celebration
 May not happen this year
Staff Appreciation Week
 5/7-5/11
 Mea will create the flyer and ask Rebecca if she will organize it this year
 We have 32 items plus 10-15 more on the way. More donations are needed
 Volunteers are needed to help out the week of the auction
 Kari will do it again next year or can be Communications Coordinator if someone else
wants to coordinate the auction
 What will auction look like at North City? Do we want to consider a Fun Run instead?
Stephanie – Baskets
 Auction basket flyer went out to students. Volunteers are needed to sell basket raffle
tickets the week of the auction
 Basket flyer info will also be sent to classroom communities to send to parents
Kathy – Talent Show
 Flyer will go out after spring break
 $600 budget

Ann – End of Year Parkwood Party

 More people are needed to help with this project
 Potluck
 Music – Einstein Jazz band and Steel Drum band
 Ann will be the emcee
 Staff planners are Debbie Black, Amanda Findley, and Ann
 Do we want people to talk about the early days at Parkwood? Rhetta?
 Next meeting is on 4/30
 Debbie volunteered to be the coordinator
Betty – Parkwood Market
 6/16, 10 am–2 pm
 Planning is done and flyers will be posted. 5 th graders have received the information and
email announcement. PTA website is updated
 The custodial fee is $400 to have a custodian at the school to let people in to use the
 6 th graders will give a sales pitch to 5 th graders
Parkwood Mascot Costume
 Mr. Cole wants to create a Panther mascot costume for games, assemblies, etc. He’s
created a project on donorschoose.org to raise money. $1,168 is needed to support this
 PTA can ask for support. This could be a Fund a Need auction item
Ann – State of School
 The owner of Spin Alley went to Parkwood and he gave us postcards for free bowling.
5/21 Parkwood bowling party? If someone is willing to organize, we could have a
bowling party there
 Building update – looking at furniture to decide what we want. Portables will be moved
to North City. Next year’s calendar will not be done for awhile. Office will open 8/13.
North City building will be remodeled for about 6 weeks prior to school starting, mostly
 Math Olympiad – Ann talked to staff about Parkwood PTA’s position on Math Olympiad
– that the event does not match our vision for inclusion and respect for human
differences. She brought it up at the principals meeting. A subgroup was created to look
at this as a district.

Round Table:

Christina – Kindergarten play dates will be at Twin Ponds this summer. PTA training has to be completed by end of April. 5/21 is the Spring PTA training and dessert.
Mea – Finance committee will meet between 7/1 and beginning of the school year to review the budget
Marie – Parkwood Neighborhood Association news: The Annual Spring clean-up is scheduled for 4/28. Meet at Parkwood at 10am in the parking lot if you want to help out. The summer picnic/potluck is on 7/21 at Twin Ponds from 4-7 pm.
Betty – PTA open positions info will be sent out to classroom communities. Also emailing 3 rd -6 th grade parents about SBAC snacks

Adjourned – 9:01 pm

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