March PTA minutes 2018

Parkwood PTA meeting – March 8, 2018
Attendees: Betty Mai, Kari Thomas, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Julie
Dragin, Ann Torres, Stephanie Gwaltney, Mea Fischelis, Mary Anne Thomas
7:07 – meeting start time
 Income low in February because deposits have not been made yet
 Only a few teachers have not requested field trip grants
 Budget is $4000 off – $1000/garage sale and $3000/auction
 There is $600 in the budget for Science Fair, which this year will include STEM night,
family engagement, and science fair all in one night
Kari – Motion to approve
Mea – 2 nd
All approve
Debbie – February minutes stand as approved
Kathy – School Play
 Many hours of rehearsal, including this week of half days
 Behavior is good
 Discussion about whether to partnership with a grad program next time to help with
special needs students who want to participate in play
Kari – Auction
 Going well and auction items are slowly coming in
 Next thing is basket prep
Golden Acorn Awards Committee
 PTA recognition dinner
 We have a budget for five to attend
 If you have anyone to nominate, email Ann or Debbie
Betty – 5 th Grade Garage Sale
 The sale will be on Saturday, 6/16
 Working on the sign-up forms
Ann – End of Year Parkwood Party

 6/15 from 5-7 pm
 Potluck, entertainment, crafts, music, write cards to Parkwood
 A picture of everyone in attendance will be taken
 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th , and 6 th graders are making posters for the event
 Staff planners are Debbie Black, Amanda Findley, and Ann
 More people are needed to help plan the event
 Next meeting is on 3/26 at 3:00 pm
 Volunteers needed for specific tasks at event
Nominating Committee Review
 No updates
 Still need Treasurer, Enrichment Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator
 Will have update soon for spring enrichment classes
 Working with Six Crickets
Safety Bins
 Safety bin committee will help out at the beginning of April to put all new items in the
classroom safety bins
Ann – State of School
 North City – lots of questions need to be answered: What is traffic flow pattern? Who
gets what classroom? What needs to be retrofitted? There will be more classroom
space, projectors in the classrooms, and new carpet
 New second grade teacher will replace Mrs. Bidwell
 Rhetta is retiring so there is an opening for a new librarian
 David Drummond joins staff as paraeducator
 6/8 – Watchdogs will come in that day to help pack up classrooms

Round Table:
Stephanie – We are one PTA membership away from a gold membership
Kari – We should change our name on Amazon Smile because it is too hard to find Parkwood
Elementary. 3/14 is the school walk-out for gun control. As a PTA we can take a stand on an
issue. Students are only allowed to participate in walk-out if a parent signs them out. 3/25 –
March for our Lives. Some Shoreline families are participating.

Adjourned – 8:43 pm

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