Membership Chair position

Job Responsibilities: Membership

Role:  The Membership role accesses PT Avenue and enters all member info each month.  Also, Membership advertises the PTA and the benefits of joining.

General responsibilities:

  • Create PTA flyer
  • Order PTA envelopes (via district print center- )
  • Distribute copies of both flyer and envelope for the Back to School packets
  • Optional: write letter to local businesses and school board members inviting their membership in our PTA
  • Manage details of scholarship requests
  • Help with membership part of Fall Fundraiser
  • Enter individual membership info into PT Ave throughout the year
  • Possible membership drive? (**Need to come up with an equity plan in order to do this!**)
  • Assist the after school Enrichment Coordinator by checking parent volunteer names against membership roster
  • Assist the Treasurer by providing updated membership numbers as requested (to verify monthly invoices from WA PTA)
  • Respond to emails from WA PTA re: details of Parkwood membership. Include PTA President as needed.
  • As needed, respond to requests from office staff to answer parent questions about Parkwood PTA and membership details
  • End of Year PT Ave- close out Parkwood account for the year (before end of June)


August Order envelopes, create flyer, make copies of both, and help with Back to School packets
September Enter member info into PT Ave, help with Fall Fundraiser, send additional letters to school board and businesses, track scholarships
October- December Enter member info into PT Ave
January Enter member info into PT Ave, Membership drive??
February-May Enter member info into PT Ave
June Enter member info into PT Ave, EOY on PT Ave

Recommended:  Let the PTA President know if you need help!!


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