January General meeting minutes

Parkwood PTA meeting – January 11, 2018
Attendees: Betty Mai, Kari Thomas, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Julie
Dragin, Kim Smith, Michelle Morgan, Sam Alie, Ann Torres, Bridgette Shima, Brenda Brock,
David Drummond, Minda Tochihara, Katie Schielke
7:05 – meeting start time
Treasurer’s Report:
Fall Fundraiser – raised $15,532 + $3,500 is still outstanding
School Dance – raised $1,509
Upcoming fundraisers – Silent Auction and Original Works
We’ve given the following grants:
Library – $1,000
Classrooms – $1,470
Field trips – $4,723
What’s next:
 Heritage Night
 Winter and Spring enrichment
 Talent Show
 Garage Sale
 6 th grade graduation
 Yearbooks
 School Play
Christina – Move to keep the budget as is and re-allocate in May prior to meeting
Kari – 2 nd
Debbie – September minutes stand as approved
Christina – Move to endorse the levy and spend $300 in the budget to support the levy which is
given to the Shoreline Council
Voted – as a PTA we are supporting the levy
Planned events to hold signs – 1/30, 2/7, and 2/12
Bridgette – Heritage Night
 Heritage Nights flyers have gone out

 Mr. Yost is emcee
 Fashion Show
 Art Walk – family trees and class projects
 Watchdog help at stations
 Two craft stations
 Parkwood families are performing
 Food – maybe Greek caterer
 Another flyer coming out in two weeks
Event planned for end of school year – Parkwood Game Night

Kathy – School Play
45-50 students have already enrolled
Kari – Monday Morning Coffee
Switching to once a month on the first Monday of the month
Christina – Bereavement Request
Christina – move to spend $100 of bereavement fund – $50 for a Parkwood family and $50 for
Boy Scouts in Kaylyn’s name
Michelle – 2 nd
Kinderfest –
 1/27 – 10 am at Shoreline Center
 First meet and greet for upcoming kindergarten families
 Parkwood always has a presence
 There is room for PTA table (at least 2 at the Parkwood table)
Kari – Nominating Committee Review
Treasurer and Communications Coordinator still needed for next school year
Debbie – Enrichment Classes for Winter
 Winter registration forms went out this week and online
 Five classes
 Michelle is doing scholarships for enrichment
 Parent volunteers will be in each class

Ann – State of the School
 Poster of the new Parkwood
 Building reflects what our core values are as a community
 Target building size – will be about 64,000 sf
 Core classroom capacity – 25 students
 Theme – Global Village
Round Table:
Betty – Garage sale will be 10-noon and will have a Parkwood Market. They may partner with
the Goodbye Parkwood Committee
Kari – Two volunteers are still needed for the auction – procurement and mailing
Michelle – Yearbook is going strong. Send her pictures.
Adjourned – 8:58 pm

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