Enrichment Chair position

Job Responsibilities: Enrichment

Role:  There are three roles with after school Enrichment.  One person can do them all or they can be split among a couple or three adults.

General responsibilities:

The first role is Vendor Liaison.  This person:

  • Communicates with vendors to get classes set and scheduled.
  • Sends out contracts to vendors  
  • Makes registration and description forms, copies and distributes to teachers


August Schedule Fall classes with vendors, email contracts, make forms
September Distribute forms by third day of classes
November Schedule Winter classes
December Email contracts, make forms
January Distribute forms by first week of class
February Schedule Spring classes
March Email contracts, make forms, distribute forms


The second role is Enrichment Registrar.  This role can be filled in two ways.  Currently we have 6crickets set up as an outside vendor who manages all of our registration.  A PTA member still needs to supervise the scholarship program.

If we are not using them then someone needs to:

  • Collect forms and enter all names into spreadsheets
  • Communicate with Kendra about scholarships
  • Email families that have questions on their forms
  • Follow up with families that haven’t paid
  • Makes sure there is an adult volunteer for every paid class
  • Distribute rosters to vendors and adult volunteers
  • Follows up with Participation to adjust rosters during first couple weeks of class
  • Mail checks to vendors


September Collect forms, enter data, follow up with families and Kendra
October Email rosters
November Mail checks to vendors
January Collect forms, enter data, follow up with families and Kendra
February Email rosters, mail checks to vendors
March Collect forms, enter data, follow up with families and Kendra
April Email rosters
May Mail checks to vendors

The third role is Enrichment Participation.  This person:

  • Is on site at school every day by 3pm when there is an after school class(es)
  • Stays until end of class if adult volunteer is not there
  • Calls families if vendor cancels or no shows
  • Tracks kids who are extra or no show and communicates with Registrar
  • Gives feedback on teachers and adult volunteers to Vendor Liaison


October Be at classes
November Be at classes
December Be at classes
February Be at classes
March Be at classes
April Be at classes
May Be at classes
June Be at classes


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