Communications Chair position

Job Responsibilities: Parkwood PTA Communications

Role:  This is a year round position in charge of the Parkwood PTA’s e-communications.

Parkwood communications tools:

  • Email – managed by the PTA’s Communications volunteer (see responsibilities below)
  • Facebook and Twitter  – will be managed by another person.
  • Website – is managed by various other people.
  • Print pieces – we have had printed communications pieces in the past, but haven’t had them for a while; this could be picked up again as needed.
  • School Bulletin board – managed by various people.
  • School A-frames – don’t forget this tool. Can be utilized by anyone wanting to communicate to the parents who are dropping off and picking up. Typically displayed at either side of the school entrances.
  • School back-pack mail – managed by anyone who has something to communicate.

General responsibilities for PTA e-communications volunteer:

  • Work with classroom communities chair to put together school email list and gather/update this list at events at the beginning of the school year: Back to school BBQ; Tea and Tissue; Curriculum Night. Tool: shared file on dropbox folder []
  • Update master list as needed throughout the year and in collaboration with classroom communities chair.
  • From this list, manage email list and -especially at the beginning of the year- frequently upload new list on Vertical Response (our PTA e-service Provider)
  • Monitor bounced and unsubscribed emails in Vertical Response and update school email list after each email sent out.
  • Throughout the school year, this position will be in contact with most of the other PTA positions to gather news and info to be communicated to Parkwood families.
  • Create e-blasts to go to the PTA email list as needed.

    • At beginning of school year, we send out weekly eblasts, typically on Sunday night, with news for the next week.
    • During our ‘Invest In Parkwood Campaign’ at the beginning of the school year, a big part of the e-communications is the fundraising message! This typically has been done by the communications person, but could be separated out to a different person, who would have to work closely with the PTA communications person.
  • Communicate time sensitive and important info to PTA President for once a month news email that goes out to all school families (through the school email list).  This is new for 2017-18.


  • August/September/October: Weekly e-blasts (during Fall Fundraising Campaign (Invest In Parkwood Campaign) emails might be sent out daily, or every other day.)
  • November-June: E-blasts as needed; could be weekly or monthly; could be event specific.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that this position attends the monthly PTA meetings, as these meetings are where information, relevant to communications, is exchanged.


  • Expertise with Excel is needed.
  • Knowledge of working with e-service providesr (Vertical Response) is desirable, but can be learned easily.
  • Computer access a must.
  • Writing/communications skills preferable.


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