December board meeting minutes

Minutes – PTA Meeting – 12/14/17
7:01pm: meeting called to order.
President Debbie Olhoeft introduced Rebecca Miner, School Superintendent and Curtis Campbell, Communications Officer
Rebecca Miner – Presentation on upcoming levy. Vote to take place in special election on February 13th, 2018.
7:27pm: vote to approve minutes from November
Motion to approve:
Minutes approved
7:28pm: Michelle Morgan and Mara Calhoun
School Closure Event
Date they are looking at is June 15th
Currently touring the school to see if there are places/things to create an art installation
Looking for funding for the Art Installation
Staff involved: Amanda Findley, Debbie Black, Rob Parker named Collector of Antiquities and Curiosities
Janice Scott will also sit on the committee as Alumni liason
Possible money to use for food for the event: School Funds, PTA
Next meeting 1/19 – Friday at 3:00pm
Mia Fischelis questioned if there was a budget
Derek Dalasta noted that the Totem Pole is being discussed with the family that made it.
7:36pm: Introductions
7:38pm: Budget Review
Mia F – stated that Christina Torres, current Treasurer, has made a list of scholarships available for memberships.
Fall Enrichment Scholarships total reported as $1251.00
Currently Bank fees are not separated from line items. Can this be addressed?
Unexpected profit from Dance will help cover the shortfall from the estimated Auction profit
Kari Thomas – Can we vote to go over budget? Mia recommends putting together a budget then comparing that with where we are at now.
David Drummond – commented on the luncheons stating that the staff are very appreciative – money well spent.
7:47pm: Food Drive Report
Katie Toth reports that 1129 packages of pasta were collected as well as many other types of food and $60.00 worth of teen giftcards.
Parkwood will have ice cream for all kiddos
The Works has two work party dates that need volunteers – January 31st and May 9. If interested please contact Katie Toth for more information. Adults only.
7:49pm: Enrichment
Our after-school Enrichment classes will no longer be insured under the PTA, however, we can jump on Six Crickets insurance as an “Additional Insured.”
There will be a vendor, a 6 Crickets representative and a Parent Volunteer in each class.
The classes offered this winter are: French, Art, Chess and Legos. Registration forms will go out in January.
Mara Calhoun asked about the all-school play. It was noted that it is not being run by Six Crickets and will be a PTA sponsored event.
7:54pm: Nominating Committe
Stephanie Gwaltny is on the committee.
Officers are being advised to try and find their own replacements.
Parkwood PTA is in need of a Treasurer and Secretary for 2018 – 2019 school year.
7:57pm – General Membership Meeting in January
Approve the budget
Minutes from September that will need to be approved
7:58pm – Naming of the Shoreline Children’s Center
Mara Calhoun – There is a petition going around written by a 4th grader at Meridian Park. She is hoping to rename the Shoreline Children’s Center after Edwin Pratt, Civil Rights Leader. She is hoping that it will be a meaningful reflection of Equity for the community. Mara will send a link about Sara and the petition to the PTA. There may be actions to take in February and March.
8:04pm – Adults should not be in the lobby before and after school – Not the hallways.
Derek Dalasta – Parents walking kids into the classrooms particularly in the morning is of great concern. We are not certain who is in the hallways. The rules have been in place, we just have not been enforcing them. This rule also protects the time of the teachers – they are having to field questions etc in the morning instead of/while welcoming students into the classroom.
Stephanie G. – Can I check into the office and then walk my child to class?
Derek – Only if you really need to go. We don’t want to put extra pressure on Lisa and Rose Ann.
Stephanie – I would be in favor of heavy communication regarding this change because it hasn’t been going on and it will be a culture shock.
Derek – More staff will be on morning supervision in the lobby in January.
Michelle M. – I feel like there is a big safety concern in the primary hallway – doors opening into children, kids pushing and running etc.
Mia – “Calm On In” working really well in 6th grade.
Mara – I think a community discussion around this would be great. Positive behavior support
8:15pm – Math Olympiad
Debbie O. sent a letter to the Math Olympiad Chair regarding the concerns around equity that the Parkwood PTA has expressed.
Debbie, Ann Torres, and Michelle Morgan will all meet with her soon.
In the end, it’s about the experience of our kids at the Award Ceremony.
8:21pm – Round Table
Kathryn Carter – Fantastic Mr. Fox flyer has been distributed to teachers.
Mary Anne Thomas – In a recent unofficial survey of the teachers, many of them are spending their own money on snacks. It is not just the newer teachers either. Some teachers are uncomfortable asking the families of students to supply snacks.
Suggestion of setting up Sign-up Genius’s throughout the school via Classroom Communities.
Katie Toth – Are we still doing Panther Tracks? The school newsletter? Derek addressed this, saying that all of the information is now on the website instead of a newsletter as it is more equitable – more accessible to our ELL and non-english speaking families. Katie and Michelle M. both responded with reports from Meridian
Park where their elder daughters are in High Cap. stating that they receive weekly emails and feel much more connected to the school, it’s activities etc. A discussion followed regarding various things people would like to have more information about such as the new vision screening that happened recently, Panther Paw Award winners, Construction updates etc. Maybe a monthly email with a link to the website would be good.
Heather Cimuchowski – Heather is representing the Parkwood PTA in regards to the upcoming Levy vote. Does the Parkwood PTA want to support the Levy? This should be brought up at the General Membership Meeting to be voted on.
Stephanie Gwaltny – Membership is constant.
Kari Thomas – Started working on the Auction last week. She needs three more people to help with procurement. It will all start in January.
8:47pm – Meeting adjourned.

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