November PTA meeting notes

Parkwood PTA meeting – November 16, 2017

Attendees:  Betty Mai, Mea Fischelis, Kari Thomas, Mary Anne Thomas, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Marion Mohrlok, Julie Dragin, Kim Smith, Mara Calhoun, Katie Toth-Marter, Sam Alie

7:00-7:30 PM – Presentation by Shoreline PTA Council President – Kim Ositis

There are 16 local PTA’s in the Shoreline Council. They have membership meetings in February, May, and June. There are monthly Superintendent coffee meetings from 9:30-11 am. Two reps per each local PTA can attend. Go to for more info.


Holiday Baskets and Food Drive – Food, toys, and teen gifts are given to registered families. Volunteers needed for food drive sorting at Kellogg M.S. on 12/8 and 12/9. Gift cards in small denominations are needed – Target, Fred Meyer, itunes, and Safeway are popular cards. Boxes are also needed for the food drive.

Reflections Art Program reception – 1/11/18 – volunteers needed for help with reception and judging.

Monday, 2/26/18 – Summer Camp and After School Activities Resource Fair from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Shoreline Center.

Back to School Event – 8/25/18 at Ridgecrest Elementary. School supplies, haircuts, clothing, and hygiene products are available at this event.

Family Services Program: The Works

  • Provides clothing to families in need of assistance
  • Open – 6:30 – 8 pm on Wednesdays at the old North City site. Donations accepted at this time or by arrangement
  • Prom Shop for teens
  • School nurses can access anytime during the day if clothing is needed
  • Volunteers sort and organize donations. Students middle school and up may also volunteer
  • Volunteers needed – Registration volunteer and Prom Shop manager

Meeting start time: ?

Minutes – Debbie – stand as approved

Budget – Christina

Numbers for October – massive increase due to Fall Fundraiser. After school enrichment money has come in. $50 was used for first staff lunch (greatly appreciated by teachers). Teachers liked packet sent to them at the beginning of the year with information about PTA grants and money available for supplies.

 Kari – move to approve

Marion – 2nd

Vote – all in favor


Tickets are nonrefundable and it was suggested that a sign be placed on the table where tickets are purchased. Discussion about whether we should move to a suggested donation for next year or sell food and give away tickets in order to make it affordable for all families.

Math Olympiad – Debbie

A letter was sent from Debbie and board to the Math Olympiad Administration regarding our concerns that the event does not match our vision for inclusion and respect for human differences. Three points were made –

  • We would like ELL students to be able to have assistance when taking the test
  • We have a large group of students who are homeless. These kids could use help getting to or from the event or being fed breakfast or lunch
  • Would SMO consider testing Hi-cap kids a grade ahead which would level the playing field for General Education kids

Holiday Baskets – Katie

 Food drive is 11/27 – 12/8. Pasta is the Parkwood item this year. 2nd graders will be counting and helping to sort the food. All the donations will be driven to Kellogg on 12/8. Volunteers needed to help sort and drive food to Kellogg. If we reach the school goal, everyone gets ice cream!

 Enrichment – Debbie

If we hire 6 Crickets concierge service, they will do 90% of the enrichment program work. They get paid by increasing each class price by $5-10. But there are insurance issues. They cannot be insured by PTA but can we be added to 6 Crickets insurance? We need to figure out what our general liability coverage is and what 6 Crickets policy is.

Reflections –

There were two submissions from Parkwood. Do we need to give more notice next year? Would that increase participation?

 Nominating Committee –

Bridget, David D, Christina, Kari, and Stephanie G are on this committee. They will be looking for board members for next school year.

PTA and the Law – Debbie

Debbie attended this class and found out we should have invited both council members who were running for Shoreline Council to speak at our PTA meeting.

Round Table:

Christina – All PTA email addresses were being sent to personal addresses with no way to look back once positions changed and people left the school. Parkwood PTA is now a recognized nonprofit at Google and as such we have a large free office suite. Email and documents can now be maintained online with continuity from year to year.

Kari – First auction meeting was held. Ten volunteers needed for procurement of items. Each volunteer will be emailing online forms to 20 businesses.

Betty – Had a meeting with Ann regarding the classroom lists and getting more parent email addresses and contact info. Also involved with organizing the garage sale and forming a committee. Would like to involve 4th grade families so they know what to do for next year.

Sam – Wants to know if there has been discussion about the money being allocated for art in the new school budget. Will students be making art that will be incorporated into the new school? Hopes that some effort and thought will be put into art creation and instruction at school.

Kathy – Drama class going really well. She will be announcing the school play after Thanksgiving. Rehearsals will be 3x per week for 3rd-6th graders. The play will be performed on 3/26.

Mary Anne – It has been hard to get snacks this year for the primary grades. Mary Anne will ask teachers who needs help. Classroom communities will send out a request for snacks.

Marion – Send stuff to her that you want posted, any announcements, etc

Mea – Put emergency kits on agenda for January

Adjourned – 9:06 pm










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