Parkwood PTA meeting – September 14, 2017

Parkwood PTA meeting – September 14, 2017

Start – 7:14 PM

Attendees:  Betty Mai, Kami VandenDyssel, Bridgette Shima, Minda Tochihara, Cody Koenig, Rebecca Brittle, Mea Fischelis, Sara Kelly, Stephanie Gwaltney, Brenda Brock, Sabrina Stacy, Amy Swanson, Heather Cimuchowski, David Drummond, Kari Thomas, Mary Anne Thomas, Ann Torres, Christina Torres, Kathryn Carter, Debbie Olhoeft, Marion Mohrlok, Julie Dragin

Minutes:  Mea motioned to approve June minutes as amended (Correction – “Increase direct ask to $16,000)

Kari – 2nd

Vote – all approved

Standing Rules:  Motion to approve

Stephanie motioned

Christina – 2nd

Vote – all approved

2017-2018 Budget:

Budget proposal – Kari

  • Move the Parkwood PTA budgeting process to a year in advance so we are able to better understand how much money we have to spend for the entire year. Expenses can then be identified and related to reliable income.
  • The money we have to spend for 2017-2018 comes out of our bank account.
  • The money we raise in the 2017-2018 school year is the money we can spend for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • For the short term, we recommend keeping the remaining balance in our reserves for help during the construction of Parkwood. This will ensure that if fundraising falls short during the construction year (2018-2019) that the following year the PTA will be able to continue with the programs determined important by the board at that time. The amount kept in reserves can then be reviewed once we are back in the new building.

Mea – motion to approve proposal

Stephanie – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

The question was asked: if we need extra money for a specific thing, such as a play, can we dip into the reserves. Yes, we can allocate money with the new proposal.

Christina motioned to add $3,135 to the Auction line of the budget to make it a total of $12,135 and to then approve the budget with that change

Kari – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

Curriculum Night – Ann

 Date changed from the 21st to the 26th

  • There will be childcare available for Parkwood students
  • Architecture presentation – 6:00-6:50 pm
  • Classroom time (includes classroom communities presentation) – 7-8 pm
  • Ann will send an email announcing the final plan

Watchdog Pizza Night: 

 10/10 at 6:30 pm

  • Che will need 3-4 PTA members to handle the money and do background checks

David explained the Watchdog program. It’s not only an opportunity for dads (and other male family members and friends) to help out at Parkwood but the Watchdogs also have a big presence on field day and at the Back to School BBQ.

Enrichment – Heather

  • Enrichment classes start the first week of October. There will be language, Lego, drama, chess, coding, and art classes offered after school.

 Fall Fundraiser – Kari

  • We are doing a direct ask and the fundraising goal is $16,000
  • Envelopes go out to families on Monday
  • There will be a reminder about the fundraiser on curriculum night
  • The thermometer on the PTA wall in the hall will show money raised
  • Our website has fundraiser forms and more info

 State of the School – Ann

 Thanks for a great first week at school! Parkwood has a current enrollment of 464. This is the first year at Parkwood with only Parkwood residents attending. The new school will have a capacity of 500.

Construction update –

  • Design advisory team: Ann Torres, Stephanie Wiper, Renita Ng, Renee Iverson, Chris Lirhus, Rob Parker, Rhetta Fisk, Faye Rasmussen, Lisa Donnell, Christina Torres, Stephanie Gwaltney
  • The new school will be open but with high security
  • 10,000 extra sq ft + two stories
  • There will be a presentation on curriculum night by the architects. They will present an overview, design schemes, feedback they’ve received and take questions/FAQ’s

Round Table:

 Kathy – planning a play production again this school year

Heather – Betty and Heather will be organizing the 5th grade garage sale this year. They need 5th grade volunteer parents to help with the sale. Also contact Heather if you have a suggestion for the Parkwood Facebook page – Parkwood FAN

Stephanie – we have scholarships available for PTA memberships, spread the word.

Bridgette – Parkwood will have a Diwali heritage class on 10/25. She is looking for someone who celebrates Diwali to help with the class. Also, she has already received over 70 volunteer forms from parents who want to volunteer at Parkwood.

Debbie – the banana notebook has lots of PTA info – job descriptions, event notes and more, for anyone who needs PTA information


Adjourned – 8:55 pm





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