General meeting minutes June 15

Parkwood PTA General Meeting

Welcome to all participating community members!!

Start 7:10 PM

Standing Rules– disseminated

#14 Updated

“The Board of Directors of Parkwood PTA shall consist of the elected officers (see standing rule #11), Principal, teacher rep, and the chairperson of membership, performing arts, classroom communities, participating, fundraising and Enrichment committee. All members of the Board of Directors must be members of the PTA organization. The Principal is a nonvoting member

Motion to approve Michelle

Second Christina

Vote – all in favor

No discussion

Board Phone List – sign in sheet

Treasurer Report

Interim 2017-2018 Budget

Topics of Discussion

Increase Direct Ask to $16,300

In looking at the percentages of allocation – discussion about does the budget reflect our mission and vision? Decision not to convene a summer committee to align titles

Planning for the Future –

Principal Torres:

Large Scale School Concern – Library Books

Medium Scale Item

School or PTA supplemented “shopping area”

Discussion about family need at Parkwood – our school now has the highest percentage of homeless students in the district (even more than the high schools). Currently Parkwood has approximately 10% of homeless students

Other discussions of Budget

Field Trips

Teacher Supports

Classroom Accounts

Motion – Mea

Second – Julie

No Abstentions

Approve an Interim Budget

Do we have anything in the budget that

Review of May 2016 – 2017 Budget

Still cutting checks

$12,000 – $13,000 did not spend this year

$1,400 did not get spent from the classroom

$1,100 did not get spent from field trip allocation

Educational Enrichment – 5 classes did not request any money


Christina motion


Approval of 2017-2018 Signers/Designees of Income (Checks) for PTA Bank Account:

Designated signers

Debbie Olehoft

Christina Torres

Michelle Morgan

Motion to Approve

Mea – motion

Kari – second

Vote – all in favor, no abstentions

Roles and Board Roster

Safety Committee – Christina, Julie, Kathy

Communication Chair – E-blast– Susan Salas

Facebook, Social Media – Heather Cimuchowski

OPEN Webmaster – discussion about if the PTA should pay someone to do it, rather than a volunteer parent –call Debbie Olehoft


Start of the Fall Fundraiser – week of curriculum night (max of four weeks, preferably 3)

Discussion about scheduling the Auction scheduling – June 1

Dia Del Nino Night – April 30

PTA Garage Sale – June 16

Discussion about fundraisers

Back to School BBQ

Main goal for families to meet teachers, kids to reconnect – secondary PTA informational

Discussion – PTA presence Include a Resurce Fair (information at fingertips) – resources for families.

Review of the Parking Lot Sale

Reflections – planning started too late. Only 3 families.

Online Registration System – payment method needed

Math Olympiad

4 – 6th grade, district wide event. Weekly math class (need a volunteer to teach it) In March the district holds an event – testing

Philosophy in approach varies from Parkwood PTA

Discussion about equity at Math Olympiad – will Parkwood participate?

Budget Reserves

Recommendation 6 Months of operating budget sitting in reserves.

Subcommittee to convene with a presentation due in August to ultimately make a decision regarding the amount of reserves.

Principal Torres

Recap of the year communication

No more monthly newsletter – attempting at making the information more accessible – translating the webpage.

Small Group Committee – Design Team

1. Meet about what the group envisions as the new space of Parkwood

2. Viewed three different schools and children’s museum in Bellevue – looked at spaces

Check out the website for more details!!

In the fall – community wide meetings, hoping to include this with curriculum night.

When thinking about purchasing those back to school supplies

All supply donations are welcome!!

Meeting Adjourn 9:20

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