August 24th Board meeting minutes

Parkwood PTA Meeting Minutes – August 24, 2017
Meeting began at 7:00pm.
● Idea for monthly teacher appreciation luncheons proposed by Christina Torres. Support
was shown and a trial-run is set to begin first Wednesday in October by 6th grade
Classroom Communities
● Budget Funding Proposal presented by Kari Thomas
○ Proposal to set aside funds for next year’s operating budget
○ Recommend holding on to excess reserves through Parkwood building
construction completion
○ Action Items
■ Confirm what the WSPTA recommends for reserve amounts.
■ What are legalities of fundraising for the following year as a non-profit?
■ Proposal to be presented and voted on at general membership meeting in
● Treasurer Updates
○ Presentation of 2016-2017 Year-end report.
○ 2016-2017 Financial Review Completed.
○ July budget discussion – no questions at this time.
● Back to School BBQ Review
○ BBQ & Resource Fair (Information at your Fingertips) to be held August 31
■ 8 outside vendors + Classroom Communities
■ PTA Volunteer forms are need for the Back to School Packets that will be
handed out at this event
■ Donation Bucket needed
■ Printer/Copier needed for Background Check table
● Kari Thomas and Katie Toth-Marter to bring printers
● Christina Torres to run the table and bring all supplies: Paper, Pens, Clipboards, etc.
● Kindergarten Tea and Tissues
○ 2 Shifts on September 11
■ 8:45 – Kari Thomas & Meredith Bane to host
■ 12:20 – Christina Torres & Stephanie Gwaltney to host
■ Mea Fischelis to bring snacks and coffee
○ General coffee and parent welcome on Wednesday, September 6
■ Marion Mohrlok to host
● Back to school packets
○ Help is needed for assembly on the 30th or 31st of August
● Round Table
○ Susan Salah to take over communications for PTA (E-Blast, lists, etc.)
○ Website in transition from private hosting to hosting service
○ All board members are asked to join the PTA asap!
○ Fall Fundraiser – Committe needs to meet and get information out
○ Meredith Bane volunteered to do Reflections
○ Natural leaders – Expanding Heritage Night out over the school year and will be
celebrating and learning about various holidays
● State of the School – Ann Torres
○ Construction Update
■ Design Advisory Team meeting regularly
■ Architects starting to work with specialist staff
■ Sept. 21 Community forum with architects
○ Dates
■ No United Way Day of Caring this year
■ Curriculum Night Sept 21
■ 6th Grade Camp October 18-20
■ Presentation October 25th by Stefanie Thomas of the Seattle Police
Department – Internet Safety
● PTA funds designated at $250
○ Staffing Updates
■ 4 new teachers
● Julie Brown, ELL
● Gina Roarbach, 1st Grade
● Alysha Bidwell, 2nd Grade
● Vanessa Hidano, 5th Grade
■ New Classified Staff
● Carson Hambree
○ McCleary Update
■ Education budget has finally been passed for Washington State schools
● Shoreline bond suppression possible
● Salary cap potential big negative
● Need for a Legislation chair on PTA
Meeting adjourned 9:08pm

Addendum to Meeting Minutes
2017-2018 Board Members Approved through e-mail June 19 as followup to the June 15 PTA
President – Debbie Olhoeft
VP – Michelle Morgan
VP – Kari Thompson
Treasurer – Christina Torres
Secretary – Julie Dragin
Bank Signers will be Michelle Morgan, Christina Torres, & Debbie Olhoeft
Affirmation was unanimous from 12 voting members present at June 15th Meeting:
● Julie Dragin
● Mea Fischelis
● Heather Cimuchowski
● Bridgette Shima
● Marion Mohrlok
● Kari Thomas
● Stephanie Gwaltney
● Mary Anne Thomas
● Christina Torres

● Heather Brown
● Michelle Morgan
● Debbie Olhoeft


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