PTA Meeting Minutes 4/6/17 (DRAFT)

Parkwood PTA meeting – April 6, 2017

Attendees: Michelle Morgan, Betty Mai, Minda Tochihara, Debbie Olhoeft, Christina Torres, Ann Torres, Mary Anne Thomas, Stephanie Gwaltny, Kari Thomas, Kathryn Carter, Julie Dragin

Minutes: Motion to approve March minutes

Debbie motioned

Christina – 2nd

Vote – all approved


-Money coming in from Original Works

-Afterschool enrichment checks coming in

-Teachers are getting grants in

Motion to approve March budget – Kari

Kathy – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

Einstein M.S. PTA – Debbie

Middle school PTA is different from elementary school. It is not the same time requirement. There is a PTA presence at school related events – a PTA table at events. Both PTA and ASB do fundraising. The Fall fundraiser pays for two events – 7th grade heart dissections and 8th grade field trip to colleges – plus teacher grants. ASB also does a Color Run event for 6th grade families in the Spring. Debbie is hoping to get more parents interested in the PTA at Einstein.

Instructional Steering Committee – Debbie

Debbie is on the Instructional Steering Committee for the Shoreline School District. They are looking at how instruction in done in the district and what can be done differently. They sent surveys to all parents in the district. Middle and high school students are also taking the surveys. They have discussed arts instruction (lack of it), they are looking at equity in the district, and have met with a college panel to discuss what characteristics graduates should have (self advocacy is really important) and what they should know at graduation. The committee is having a community event on 5/13 to look at the ideas from the survey in depth and get feedback from parents.

PTA Enrichment:

Babylyn Lumbera will be the Enrichment Coordinator next school year. Michelle Morgan will be helping out as well.

Parkwood Elementary PTA Vision Statement:

Debbie read the completed vision statement. Vote to adopt the core values to vision statement –

Debbie motioned

Christina – 2nd

Vote – all in favor

Kari will post the statement on FB, website and PTA board page. Debbie emailed Bridgette to translate into other languages.

Auction – Kari:

-Auction procurement is going well. We have 75 items so far (134 total last year). Procurement started late, in March, and some of the old businesses were unable to give due to budget restrictions. But new businesses are donating.

-The teacher and parent items have not come in yet. Basket flyers have gone out to parents. The donation boxes will be placed in the halls on Monday.

-Raffle sales will be 5/15-19. Auction wall needs to go up on Friday, 5/12. Volunteers are needed for raffle sales, food sales, putting up auction wall, and 10-12 people to help on the night of auction.

-Discussion about what the PTA auction bidding sheet should be for – teen gift cards or replacement books for library.

-Ann will email teachers about auction items.

SBAC – Betty:

Betty will be emailing all of the 3rd-6th grade classroom parents about testing days. The classroom parents will be asking parents to bring in testing snacks for students.

Yearbook – Michelle:

Michelle is finishing the yearbook. Flyer will go out tomorrow to collect money for books.

State of the School:

-Testing runs from 5/2 – 6/1. A volunteer is needed to help with the snack cart – dropping off snacks at the classrooms. Attendance is super important. Different grade levels test on different days.

-Construction update: Parkwood stays here in 2017-2018, North City 2018-2019, and new facility 2019-2020. Local architects toured the school yesterday. An architect will be selected in early May.

-Field day will be at Parkwood on 6/22. Volunteers are needed.

2017-2018 Calendar:

-Office opens 8/14

-First day 9/6

-BBQ (8/31?)

-Skeletal calendar on district site

Math Olympiad – PTA/ Parkwood should make a conscious decision whether or not to continue participation. Our kids work so hard but imbalance is very stark at event. Debbie will send a letter to PTA to ask for committee members to discuss this issue.

Round Table:

Stephanie – on a committee to discuss partial release model for Shoreline school district. Feedback and suggestions encouraged.

Kathy – kudos to Kathy for a great play! She is now busy with talent show preparation.

Teacher Appreciation week will be the first week of May.

Adjourned – 8:39 PM

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