February PTA Board Meeting Minutes

February Parkwood PTA Board Meeting

Attendees: Michelle Morgan (president), Debbie Olhoeft, Bridgette Shima, Christina Torres, Heather Brown, Mea Fischellis, Mary Ann Thomas, Kathy Carter, Julie Dragin, Stephanie Gwaltney

The PTA Board Meeting occurred on the same evening as the Parkwood Neighborhood Ice Cream Social – the priority for this board meeting was to interface with the Parkwood community to ensure voter turnout. As such – the following minutes and meeting we abbreviated and accelerated in order for board members to attend the social.

  1. Minutes – Motion to approve December minutes

Kathy Carter Motioned

Bridget 2nd

Vote – all approved


  1. Budget –

Brought in money for after school enrichment

Starting to get money in from Fred Meyer and Amazon Smile

Motion to approve the December and January  – Debbie motion

2nd – Carrie

Vote – all in favor

No abstention or questions

Heritage Night – A big shout out to Bridget Shima for all her hard work. This event was a great collaborative effort on the part of the Natural Leaders. A great evening!


  • We are considering allocating a scholarship line item in the budget
  • This is especially prevalent in the after school volunteering – currently have two families that do want to volunteer
  • Next year the envelopes to join the PTA will include a place to check off and donate while becoming a member. Families who want to, can donate the cost of a membership to a family in need.
  • Discussion around ideas for future fund raising for local business support for membership.
  • Scholarship line item to provide families with membership.

Bond Approval and Discussion –

Bond is coming out February 14th

Sign Waving Event – the district will be looking for volunteers to show support by standing and waving signs.

Buttons and fund envelopes distributed.

Bond Information –

  • Roughly 40,000 people in shoreline who have not voted.
  • Still need 8,000 more votes
  • We need 16,002 votes to count towards the bond
  • Lots of people have been out on corners with signs. Tonight there is the Parkwood Neighborhood Community ice cream social – PTA Board to ensure that all
  • Phone bank going on tonight
  • 15 Parkwood staff members to go door to door this weekend.
  • Still needed: cards to be passed out – any volunteers welcome

Book Fair

April 25th De Del Nino will be linked. The librarians will need some support from the PTA to run the cash registers. There will be an evening event and an opportunity for Ann Torres to dress up and get additional funds for the school.

Meeting Adjourned 7:45 PM

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