Parkwood General Membership PTA Meeting: January 12, 2017

Parkwood General Membership PTA Meeting

January 12, 2017

PTA Board Attendees: Michelle Morgan (president), Debbie Olhoeft (Vice President and Enrichment), Christina Torres(Treasurer),  Heather Brown(Secretary), Mea Fischellis (Vice President), Ann Torres (Principal)

Introductions – Welcome to all Parkwood Community members!!

Minutes: Approve September General Membership meeting minutes

Mea – motion to approve the minutes with the amendment of the signers (changed on the October Board meeting minutes

Debbie – second

Vote: approved unanimously

Standing Rules

Christina – motion to approve the standing rules as written

Julie – second

Discussion – none

Vote: approved unanimously

Budget: Presentation by Christina Torres

Fundraising –

  • Fall Campaign – “Invest in Parkwood” = $19,018
  • School Family Dance = $1,680

Upcoming Fundraisers

  • Silent Auction
  • Original Works

What We’ve Done So Far

  • Scholarships for After School Enrichment budget of $1457
  • Classroom Grants budget of $998 of $7,060
  • Field Trip Grants $1547 of $6,240
  • 2nd grade went to the Pacific Science Center and the Mercer Slough
  • 6th Grade will be going to a Shakespeare performance in the spring

What’s Next

  • Heritage Budget of $750
  • Winter and Spring Enrichment budget of $3,500
  • Talent Show budget of $600
  • Library Grant budget of $1,000
  • 6th Grade Graduation budget of $200
  • Year Books

School Play – given a line item in our budget for $1000.00

PTA hopes this will become an annual event and funded as such in the future.

A BIG thank you to Kathy Carter for all your hard work on the play.

Motion to reallocate funds to this line item

Debbie – Motion

Minda – second

Vote: approved unanimously

Motion to approve the budget as presented

General review of the budget document.

Mea – Motion

Minda – Second

Discussion – None

Vote: approved unanimously


Presentation by Debbie Oelhoft

Below is a DRAFT vision and mission statement – PTA is taking all comments and feedbacks

As the PTA of Parkwood Elementary, we stand for all students in our school receiving an amply provided education.

We relate to the school’s vision statement of respect for human differences, academic excellence, community and collaboration as a critical and necessary consideration in our decision making process

We achieve our intentions through teamwork with teachers and staff of Parkwood School, fiscal responsibility as a PTA organization committed attention to the wants and needs of our Parkwood families and compassionate understanding of each and every student at our school.

8:00 PM – Meeting Adjourned

Bond and Levy Presentation by the Deputy Superintendent Marla Miller

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